Friday, July 03, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter -July 3

Mask and Ceremony - Bocar Diong, Senegal UNICEF notecard - mailed 1985 
Dear Dad & Mom,

Hi – Weird picture - huh?  But didn't think you all would mind!  My travel plans have changed – I'm flying over to San Diego Saturday (7/6) AM – will stay w/ Lois Bruce till Monday A then Amtrak to L.A. & meet Sid – he will leave here Sunday Aftn w/ truck & trailer.  Judy & family will arrive in L.A. Tuesday AM – flying in from South Bend.

I've got the Sr. Village News Letter at the printer right now – just bought this card at the gift shop at the hospital for 10¢!

We are to take the car in tomorrow – Chevrolet dealer.  I sure appreciate your magic touch, Dad.  I am sure ready for it to be fixed – tired of everyone asking me about it & then asking if I had tried to paraell (sp?) [sic] Did I tell you damage came to apx $1100!

The visit w/ Sid's cousin Libby & husband went fine – except they told us the arrival time would be apx 2:00 pm & the doorbell rang about 10:15 AM – & it was them!  I think that is a real No-No!  We ate at Lunt Ave Club that day for lunch – ate steaks that night at home.

Just realized I'm running out of space & that the card is of ? in Senegal!

Got Grandma's nice letter yesterday!

Love, Roberta

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