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1975 Roberta's Letter -July 10

July 10, 1975
Dear Family –

Hi!  Just got done w/ Breakfast – now have almost an hour free time till lunch – what a pace!

Had such a good day on Tuesday – we got to N.Y.C. about noon time – we drove the woman home from the hospital.  I got to see where most of the senior citizens we have here live.  It was a really creepy building – this woman was from Poland – most interesting to talk to.

We ate a light lunch in the park near Cloisters.  After Cloisters we went to see a friend of I.T.'s who is Secretary of "Church Women United." – her office is right next to Riverside Church.  We went into the Church – took the elevator to 20th floor – then walked to the very top.  If N.Y.C. had cleaner air the view would have been something.  On our way back (to 20th floor) we were right next to the big bells – and they started ringing.  It was really funny!  We were lucky to find good on street parking right next to Riverside Church.  Sister Luke (I.T.'s friend) lives 2 blocks from her job so we went there 1st – then took the bus to Lincoln Center.  Had thought of buying ballet tickets but the line was too long – was going to buy for another Tuesday.  We are going to try to get them through the mail now.  (getting cultured) – Ho, Hum!

Then we went to Monk's Inn – isn't that where you all have been?  When you sit down you get a basket of apples & breads – also a board of different kinds of cheeses.  We sat right in front of the big table full of cheese.  I had Cornish Hen – very good meal.  For dessert Marian had Chocolate Fondue – it really looked good.  Afterwards we walked around awhile then took Sister Luke back home (via bus) – then walked the block back to our car – and got back to the farm about 11:30.

Please send the miniature copy of my diploma – I need it to give proof that I've been a college student during the last year.  On our next trip to N.Y.C. I want to get my student card. (for travelling discounts, etc. in India)

This week is a busy week in the dining room – we've got 2 meals going every meal – but the large Spanish group is leaving tomorrow after lunch and things should be back to normal then.

I (meaning WE - in the Dining Room) have done really good on tips from the Rich that come here.  Those are the ones from Chelsea that have made good – but came here as a child – and still come back.  Alot of attorneys, doctors, etc.  I have made about $25-30 so far.  Not bad –at all – since I wasn't expecting anything at all.  For one person room & board is $60 a week.  Deserving people get discounts – alot are up here on what they call scholarships.  (The poor ones ) For 1 night and 3 meals it is $15 per person – but gets cheaper the longer you stay (i.e. $12.50 a day for 2 days) It's a good deal really because the food is good & the service is excellent. (HA!)

Mr. Ream has told me several times that the dining room is running so much smoother than in years before & now he has gotten alot of compliments about us.  Last night I sent a man out to put on shoes 1st before he could eat – after supper I got introduced to him.  He is head of Hudson Guild – head of everything.  He told Mr. Ream he knew the dining room was in good hands –

It sounds like you all had a big 4th of July – just wait till next year!

What did Nancy Walker decide to do?  That was a good picture of Jackie Phelan in the paper.  Glad you all caught it – I had a post card from her when she was at Disney Land – said she was having a great time and that she would rather pay a travel agent than a doctor any day.

That was some article about New Vienna in the paper ––

I would like to have the Buick here in August – would that mess up J.B.'s plans too much?  For one thing I.T. & Marion leave August 15th, Id like to leave early myself but . . . . . feel I should stay till Sept. 1st.  I didn't think I would make it through the 1st 2 weeks – but now I'm starting my 3rd week.  I'm getting a work out – most of my days consist of 3 things – breakfast, lunch & supper –––

Got to go ––

Thanks for stamps & letter!

Mary V – Write!!?
Love, Berta


Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: Roberta, interesting blog letter today Where you told the man to go back and get his shoes on and how it ended up with a nice compliment for you. Good job. Love, Dad

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From Roberta: I do remember the encounter with the shoe less gent! I'll never forget how I was hired as dining room supervisor and then when I found out only employee in the dining room! It's great how Catherine does the blogs. (Thanks, Roberta! -- great reviewing the family history.)

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