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1975 Roberta's Letter -June 28

Jun 28, 1975
Dear Family –

Hi!  It's another cold & rainy day – I'll be glad when summer decides to get here.  Just finished breakfast – had a small crowd – 38 – today a Japanese American group are coming in.  They are suppose to be a "breeze" – have been here in past years - very clean & orderly – so their reputation goes!

The food here is amazingly good (at least to start w/).  We had lamb (leg of Lamb) night before last.  We had roast beef a couple of times – also alot of chicken, etc.

We have alot of fresh strawberries – blueberries – etc.  Also good grapefruit – but the senior citizens go in for the prunes.

Last night one of the counselors had his antenna ripped off his car.  That makes me think twice about wanting the Buick here.  I would enjoy a car on my days off – also for the feeling of transportation.

Last night I went to the senior citizen "sing along" – it was alot of fun.  Mostly I talked to Irene – the woman who has been travelling since her husband died.  She is most interesting – hope you all get to meet her – she will be here most of the summer.

Another woman (senior citizen ) – Louise help me after every meal.  There is so much clean up work – I wouldn't know where to start describing it.

OH – I need some 10¢ stamps – they sell 8¢ ones here – but not 10¢ ones.  [According to Wikipedia the postcard rate was 8¢ during the summer of 1975, went to 7¢ in September, then raised to 9¢ in December 1975, when all mail was sent by airmail instead of surface rate. The letter rate went from 8¢ to 10¢ on March 2, 1974.]

What do you hear from Serena – is she having a good summer?  When are Cathy & X going to be moving?  J.B. – are you working down at the shop?  Even if you couldn't do it now – would you want to bring the Buick up closer to the end of the summer – then I could drive to Maine to meet you?  That way you could spend some time there if you want to.

Thanks for your CC. and article concerning Denver.  I'd like to live there – an winter in Florida.  (HA, HA!)  I got a CC yesterday from Aunt Mary – Rob did really good this last semester in school.  Aunt Mary said she had forwarded my diploma to New Vienna – just keep it there.  Have you had the pictures developed yet on all of us trying on the cap & gown.  I'm anxious to see Grandma in it!

Grandma – you would enjoy yourself here – everything is cooked salt-free!!!  And would you believe I have to refill the salt shakers on the tables about every other day!?

The senior citizens generally are easy to please.  It's the staff that never quit complaining.  Like when we had lamb – we had to get out peanut butter for them!

Back to the senior citizens – there are arts & crafts for them to do – also games – cards, scrabble, etc.  Alot of them just like to sit around and talk about their grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.

Got to go – I need to write some other letters.  Hope all is well ––



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