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1975 Roberta's Letter -July 2

July 2, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  It's getting to be a busy place around here now – alot of the "old timers" are coming down for a long 4th of July weekend.  Most of the people in the dining room are senior citizens – very few families.  I think I already told you that most of the families stay in housekeeping cottages.

Yesterday was my day off – Marian & I.T. (the 2 from Arizona) also arranged to have Tuesdays off – which is ideal because they have a car & are very nice.  So we all took off yesterday about 10:00 A.M. – 1st we went to  Peddler's Village – I'll enclose a folder on it.  There were alot of nice shops – w/ unique types of stuff.  There were antique shops all around – and the other 2 are really into that stuff so we stopped at a few.  One place had so much junk there wasn't even walking room!

Then we went to New Hope & I looked up my 2nd cousin [who would this be??]  – he seemed glad we all stopped.  He's still only open from 11:30 to 2 – so we didn't get to eat there – we were there about 5:30.  He was most interesting to talk to – showed us all around – said how he wants to get customers in & out w/in 22 minutes.  He makes his $ on fast turn-over!  He menu very limited – hamburgers ($1.50) Corned Beef ($2.00) – about 4 other kinds of sandwiches.  Coffee, tea, etc. – 35¢.  Tossed Salad – 95¢ Cole slaw & potato salad – 50¢.  Also has chicken salad, tuna salad.

Part of his place is inside – part outside – looking over a mill pond. (water there was very dirty) place only seats 56 people – he has 1 waitress (2 on weekend) and 1 in kitchen helping him.  He definitely has a good thing going – goes to Germany every winter – only works June through September.  He had the following printed up about his place of business – "Mechanic Street #8 – his address etc. (Name of Rest.)

Now – he & his wife are fixing up a new place just up the street about a half block to sell donuts & coffee.  He will buy the donuts frozen.  It is to open the Saturday after the 4th.  Gee, guess that is this Saturday.  They were working there when I knocked on their restaurant door.  They said they almost didn't bother to come & see who we were or what we wanted.  Both him & his wife were very nice to us.

While we were in New Hope we went to the playhouse & shelled out $7.00 to see Sleuth (sp?) on August 5th.  Mr. Ream said that all of us could have Tuesdays off.  We were able to get good seats – all the seats were $7.00

Then we had planned to eat at the Turkey place in Chester but these other people had suggested we go to the diner there – and you would have been amazed at their menu – everything – and very reasonable.  The food was delicious – they are especially known for their desserts.  (all homemade pies, cakes, etc.)  I had blue fish – it was very good.  I'll enclose part of their menu – You all should plan on eating there when in this area in August.

I'm working very hard – factory work would be a breeze compared to that dining room.  When I think of the hours I put in & the work I do I consider myself very much under paid.  The Counselors are a pain – they must try to outdo each other in complaining & finding fault.  The senior citizens I enjoy waiting on ––

Well, got to go – next Tuesday we are going into New York City – maybe even get to leave Monday night & stay at the Guild (where we saw) overnight.  Hope all is well –––

Love, Berta
Chester Country Diner (Pennsylvania) Menu 1975

Peddlar's Village 1975 brochure Lahaska, Bucks County, PA

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