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1985 Family Letter -July 7

July 7, 1985
Dearest Family –
 We know that these letters are not near as personal as an individual letter to each person and even these copies are few and far between.  We do think of you all often even if we don't write or call.  Wish that we might all get together more often but glad that four of you will be getting together at Catherine's soon.  Grandma is doing fine and looking forward to her trip.  Mary Virginia is taking her to the airport at the same time she is taking us, Serena will be meeting her in Chicago and continuing on to Seattle where Roberta is joining them and head for Colfax.  Mary Virginia is planning to visit John and X after seeing us all off so there will be two mini-reunions.

Dad brought home another typewriter but I don't like it near as much as the old one – mainly because I am not used to it and the tops of some of the letters don't seem to printing [sic].  Have to see if the later can be remedied.

New Vienna had a big celebration June 28-30 with fireworks on the 30th.  Other nearby places had their celebrations on the actual 4th and days following.  Hillsboro called theirs the Festival of the bells and had a number of bell choirs including New Vienna's as part of their entertainment.  Our Young Adult Fellowship also sang there.  Wilmington had a Chicken Barbecue advertised as the First Annual but hear it (chicken) wasn't cooked long enough so hope they learned from that experience.  The Donald Bernards and us (or we?) went to Wilmington College's Dinner Theater and they put on an excellent performance of Man of La Mancha.

We are rounding up things to take on our trip – flying from Columbus to New York and on to London next Saturday.  The ABA opens in London on Monday with a speech by Margaret Thatcher, etc.  Our only plans so far are to meet the George Shillings Monday evening but hope that Cynthia and her husband will have some time available when we are free before we leave for Scoland or the following Friday.  We will rent a car and after the meetings are over there will proceed north and westward.  May turn the car back in Edinburgh or go on back to London with it.  Our address in London will be Pollock Halls of Residence, 18 Hollrood Par. Rd., Edinburgh, Scotland (Telephone 667-1971).  We plan to come back on the Queen Elizabeth II leaving England on August 1 and getting into New York on Tuesday, Aug. 6.  Mary Virginia is meeting all the returning travelers - Grandma on July 26 and us on August 6th in Columbus.

The Hortons are coming about that time and the Kintners and maybe Joe a little later so things will be busy.  Also Cris and Angela and hope that X and John can also make it to NV for the get together.    Roberta is spending the weekend with Mrs. Bruce in San Diego and then on to L.A to meet Sid.

We have been trimming shrubs and finally used our head rather than our backs in using the lawnmower to drag the things to the "fire pit."  Of course, the electric start on the new mower also makes it easier.  Do all of you recall John's campaign to buy that all electric lawnmower?

Going to have a new helper in the office starting tomorrow, a young lady who graduated from law school last year who lives near Waynesville.  She had an office in Wilmington for a while, but too many expense compared with income.  Hopefully it will be a plus.

[Love, etc.]

Most likely last two paragraphs are written by HH, previous parts of letter by Jean.

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