Sunday, July 12, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter - July 13

Dear Folks,

This letter will be old news by the time you get back – but thought you wouldn't mind to get some 'people' mail in your welcome back pile!  It does seem strange now tho to say Welcome Back today – since today is the day you take off!

I took the airport bus from Disneyland hotel – a real bargain for $9.00.  Sid & family were going to the 'beach' today – tho Sid thought I should allow lots of time I took a later bus & got to the airport still a full 25 minutes before take off – just as they were beginning to load the children of divorces, etc. – lots of kids seem to travel alone now days.

Back to the Disneyland hotel – I enjoyed about 1½ hours of shopping there before getting on the airport bus.  Except for being in a gift shop w/ a 4 & 7 year old I had not been in a Disney gift shop!  Thought about lots of buying – but actually ended up only buying 20 (more) postals & some new diet treats for myself.  Just before I came on this trip I managed to get rid of excess weight I gained in England!  Hopefully I'll be able to lose this excess before my August trip!  I've already got out the 20 cards – for a total of 70 plus.  (30 of them Senior Village ones!)  Some people send out Christmas cards – I send out postals!

This motel is very nice – low profile – just Grandma's style!  You know – she doesn't like to feel like she is making a bank payment – just wants to pay for the use of the bed!

I'm so glad to be able to join Grandma and Serena on this venture – even tho for such a short period of time!

This is the summer I'm using all the comp time I've earned – plus a vacation day or two!  The new ruling as of July 1st – County employees cannot earn comp time – must be used within 2-week pay period when earned.  It was nice while it lasted – being able to 'Bank' comp time!  Actually – w/the flexibility of my job – I can still earn & use comp time to my advantage – i.e. work a weekend before going on vacation & then take the days while gone – all w/in same work week!

I went w Lois Bruce & 2 of her little old lady friends to a movie – Cocoon (sp?) – directed by Ron Howard.  It is a real comedy – takes place in a retirement/rest home in St. Petersburg, FLA – hopefully didn't hit too close to home for them!  Think they enjoyed it.  The last movie they had seen was Passage to India.  Quite a change!

So – how was your trip?  Somehow it seems very premature for me to bring up your trip now in the past tense!

As for here & now (7/13) – I'm real tan – it dawned on me while at the pool at trailer park (camp ground) when I realized I was as dark as some of the Mexicans!  About 20 plus of our friends from the South were staying close to our trailer.  They came in a truck w/camper & 2 cars – I'm still amazed the vehicles made it out of Mexico!  They slept in their cars, on the grass – etc.  I got to talking to them at the pool – it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime trip for them.

I'm sure Grandma will have something to say about how dark I am!

It's time for me to get ready to go to airport to pick up Grandma & Serena – more later!

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