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1975 Roberta's Letter -July 17

July 17, 1975
Dear Family –

Hi!  Thanks for your post card – was surprised to hear from you from Wisconsin – hope you had a good trip.  Glad that Ruth was able to go w/ you all – had she ever been up that way?

We all had a good day off – it's just a shame it only happens once a week!  We went to Flemington, New Jersey – there are a lot of glass & pottery places there.  You could buy irregulars pretty reasonable.  I bought a coffee mug (except I'll use it for tea – HA).

We also went in a factory outlet for Rossanna sweaters – I got 2 sweaters & a top that matches the one sweater – for $14.00.  One sweater is the heavy-warm type – long w/pockets.

Tuesday night we went to see Funny Lady – it was OK – especially if you like Barbara S.  Interesting enough the tickets were $2.00 for the no-smoking section, $3.00 for the smoking section.

It has been raining here for the last 4 [or 9?] days – some days more than others.  I'm lucky to live so close to my work.  

One day last weekend I went down to set up for breakfast – the dining room was a disaster area.  Coffee grounds, corn flakes, rice crispies, orange juice had been thrown all over the dining room!  It was one of those times I could have quit on a minutes notice.  These kids bring their city ways here w/ them.  

The senior citizens are really great – some just stay 1 week, others 2-3 weeks, etc.

I would like the Buick here – how can it be worked out to bring it up w/ you all?  Also I would greatly appreciate some Wells samples to give to the woman who helps me w/ the clean-up after meals.  She is 72 years old – and quite a character.  Also would like some to give to Marion & I.T.

I got my hair cut – it's pretty short at the moment.  It should grow though.

Mr. R is very nice – his wife though is an alcoholic – who sometimes is quite a pain.  He asked me last night about next summer – I told him I'd like to make it 1st till Sept. 1st.

The food continues to be good – lots of fresh fruit & vegetables.  Meat too is good – nothing is deep fried – though we do have lots of potatoes (boiled or mashed) & rice.  When we have fresh fruit it's my job to cut it up – eh – so the fresh fruit is alot of work for me.

By Sept. 1st I'll be ready for a factory job – working 40 hours a week w/ weekends off!

Got to go ––––



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