Sunday, July 26, 2015

1995 Roberta's Postcard - July 24

1995 Roberta's Grand Floridian Postcard - July 24
[postmarked Orlando FL 24 Jul 1995]

Hi!  We spent half of today checking out Disney Resorts – this one starts at $265 per night & the food is very expensive – but oh the bathrooms were nice!  Rob &Family came over to our value priced hotel for supper – those boys are ACTION-PACKED!  We talked much about all the fun at Estes Park!  Did you see where this year July 4th – Estes got lots of SNOW – w/ many roads closed due to SNOW!  FLA's humidity is worse than I remember it!  Bought a WSJ today – interesting times.  Lots of Coke-Cola sold at Disney / Epcot!  Love, R & S

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