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1985 Roberta's Letter - Aug.3

August 3, 1985
Dear Folks,

WELCOME BACK!11  I've got another letter started . . . from about three weeks ago, will try to find it and send along.  Thanks for the postals as you travelled along.  Sounds like you sure enjoyed Scotland.  I was talking to someone last night who had just gotten back from England two weeks or so ago.  You should have heard them talk about all those blank blank lawyers that arrived in London and how it should be against the law to have so many lawyers in one place at one time!  I was short on time so didn't say a word about you all being part of the group!  Besides the guy was doing some volunteer work here for me . . . . fixing some electrical this and that --- all that's gone wrong since Sid left.

It doesn't look like I will be making the Colorado scene . . . . lots of changes and I need to stick around.  Also there is no food service contract as of August 12th and that needs to be worked on next week.  George Ketchum is responsible for it -- and that should be interesting . . . . .

Also changes have been made on who we can --or have to accept.  we now have to take any adults over 18 -- as long as they have a health problem that prevents them from living alone . . . but not needing nursing home care.  We are getting lots of referrels [sic] of young mentally retarded patients (mild) (supposedly)  All this really turns off the older people who are here.  I can pretty much put my foot down and say no -- as long as I'm here.  We can also now take people with money (up to 30 thou total assets) and they will just pay a little higher rent -- now this presents no problems.  It will be something to watch tho once they are here.

I've had a real disaster this last week.  The whole thing was my fault which did not make it any easier to deal with.  I did two things -- both of which I have done many times before -- never with Sid here -- since if he were here he would have done both -- tho not at the same time.  I had made a gallon of sun tea and had it out by the pool.  I started to water the back yard and thought about taking the sun tea in then, but, I thought I'd change the sprinkler location first and get it going.  You can guess what happened . . . . I whipped the hose around and wham zam the gallon glass jar went right in the pool  There were some big pieces of glass but mostly small ones and lots of slivers of glass.  This all happened about 11:00 at night, so I didn't get much sleep that night!!!  I've had the pol service we use out and he tells me to be completely on the safe side the pool needs to be drained and then done with a wet vac (or is it dry vac).  So I've been without a pool since Wednesday . . . . and I'm sure anxious to get the pool back in "working condition."  I will never again make sun tea out by the pool.

I have gotten this big interest in nutrition -- especially the importance of fiber.  Have you heard of the F PLAN DIET?  (it's a book also) I have been reading it and it is quite good.  Trying to increase my fiber intake to about 40 grams a day.  Most Americans only eat about 15 grams a day.  In order to get it up to the 40 I've had to eat bran cereal (FIBER-1) everyday for breakfast and beans, peas, or baked potato . . . along with an apple and an orange and other vegies [sic] with fiber every day.  All this fiber really does wonders for the old digestive track . . . if you know what I mean!!

Our new dining room is to be completed by the 9th of August . . . another reason why I need to be here next week.  I can't complain since I've only (ha) been gone 4 weeks since the 21st of May!!!

What do you know – just when I'm getting warmed up on the typing – I've loaned out the typewriter – to Mary Reed – mother of Roberta & Catherine (Wendy's playmates).

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