Tuesday, September 03, 2013

1993 Roberta's Letter - Sept. 3

Roberta scribbles off a fast letter to her parents. Transcription follows.


First off –  thanks much for the OHIO vegetables, Oregon fruits, & the great granola!  We have especially enjoyed the green beans & tomatoes & the fruit we will see how long we can stretch it out!  the granola I don't try to stretch out – I just enjoy it!

We are now 100% full at Sr. Village – which means Busy/Busy!   We now have our 1st Librarian – from Chicago.  Interesting lady – 1st husband a Presb. minister who died young & left her very poor - 2nd husband a Doctor who left her w/ $ that is now all gone!

I've been talking to the NYC ladies - they sure are an excited bunch!  The latest is that all of us will have just carry-on bags – to allow us to get to Pennington House sooner!  Trip of a life time!

I'm signing up for a communication class at Fuller – starts Sept. 30th.  My October plans are up in the air due to schedules of a play Sally is in & music program Andy will be in.

I do love & appreciate both of you - not just the fruit/veggies & granola!

Love, Roberta

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