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1983 Family Letter - Sept. 4

Family letter from September 1983. Transcription follows.

Sunday afternoon,
Sept. 4, 1983

Dearest Family-

We need to get something off to Roberta so thought we would combine it with a ltetter [sic] to you all since we missed writing last weekend.  It was good talking to several of you on the phone and getting letters from X and John, Roberta and Catherine, and the Hortons.

The weather here is still on the very warm and humid side - bad especially with school started.  We did get out early two days but not early at all this past week.  We have gotten a couple of showers but too late now to help the corn for this year though the soybeans are already looking much better.  The only thing that really seems to grow now are the weeds.  We have had plenty of yellow  tomatoes especially the little ones.  We didn't plant any corn for ourselves but have been given several batches.  Miss Carol and Mie Young here to help freeze it as they did last year.

Mie Young has been busy working this summer in the Resident Life office of Wilmington College and leaves today or tomorrow to become an RA - Resident Advisor - one of two freshmen chosen to help with the new freshmen group coming in.

Dad spoke at the Wilmington Methodist Men's Breakfast this morning at 7:45 and he met the father of one of Carol's friends who had met briefly once before.  I can't remember his name but hope Carol knows who I am referring to.  The man suggested that they get together for lunch someday to have a longer talk.

Next Sunday is Rally Day at our church and we are on the committee to head things up.  We have been working and hope that we have a good turn-out not only for next Sunday for that is good but for the life of our church for many weeks ahead.

We have been sailing three or four times this summer but there has hardly been enough wind to go far but it has been good experience.  The last couple of times we have taken a picnic supper which sure tasted good after being out for several hours.  They told us that you can rent boats up until November so we should get some more time in if the weather stays nice for awhile.

Wendy starts to school this next week and will be going in Madras so won't have that long bus ride to Metolius.  Sounds like she is really looking forward to it.  Can't believe she will soon be six - Sept. 23.

We need some of you here to help play the bells that our Church acquired this past week.  They have been on order for several months and our practice begins this next Wednesday.  Dad is our new Sunday School Supt.

Went to Leesburg today for Sunday Dinner, the "old faithful" groups are always there plus those whose faces look familiar but nothing else.  Last Sunday afternoon we attended the wedding in Westerville (near Columbus) for Tim Schamaun.  Greg and his wife from Daytona Beach were there with their three children.  Rev. Schamaun conducted the services and he is talking of retiring . . . . we would have known him anywhere.  Tim works for the Std. Oil Company and the couple left in 1965 convertible.  Marvin Fawley was one of the ushers, he is at Miami Univ. and is working on his PHD.  He mentioned that Peggy and her husband are thinking of moving back to the farm this next year.  Peggy is also going to college, plus remodeling this old house where they live.

M.V. has gone to Morgantown, W.V. this weekend with a family - she will be ready for a rest when they get back.  MV has had some beautiful roses from her bushes this season.

[Love, etc.]
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