Saturday, September 14, 2013

1993 Catherine's postcard Sept. 14

1993 ©Current Postcard - Country house with flowers
1993 Catherine's postcard Sept. 14
Hi!  Good to talk to you on Saturday.  Thanks for calling.  9/15 - I started this while waiting at the oil change place but didn't have time to finish.  Since then we talked to Wendy, got the fax, and I talked to you this A.M.  So now I don't have too much new to day.  We are going over to Roberta's in a few minutes to drop off some old clothes we are getting rid of.  We haven't seen the pictures yet either that Roberta brought back from Ohio (the roll of film that Wendy took) I gave Roberta the $ to have them developed since she goes to Smitty's more than we do.  Have a good trip to New England!  Love, Catherine & Gerry

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