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1993 MV's letter - Sep. 21

In September 1993, Ginny would have been 15 months old, keeping her parents busy, along with all their other goings on. Transcription follows.

9-21-93 2:30PM

Dear Mom & Dad

I am doing after school pickup and we have 10 minutes on the playground before going to the county school to pick up.  The Tuesday group is 2nd & 3rd graders; The Thursday group is 4th & 5th.  Last year I had tried to start a Jr High group of Handbells (Gr 6-8) but it fizzled.  This year we've started with 6 that seem pretty solid.

Ginny's growth has slowed down but she is filling out more.  Yesterday at breakfast she insisted on trying to feed her doll while saying "Yum, Yum, Yum!"  Makes us wish we had a video camera on her nearly every waking hour.  She's pretty much in the habit of going to bed around 8PM and sleeping until 7AM, putting herself to sleep.

We have 2 team meetings left in October (2&16) with John, Julie & Kate coming to visit 10/9,10.  Then the last weekend in Oct. the Bishop is sponsoring a retreat in Lexington for the Probationers & spouses (probation = 2 years between being ordained Deacon and Elder.

If you would like ideas for us for Christmas, Ginny would probably enjoy a Hobby horse and/or books (she loves to look at books – not inherited from her parents!)  Or you may get ideas when you come down in November.  We would like to go to the eye doctor as we've not been in 3 years, so if that sounds good we can work out details on that.

We found out that they plan to replace the furnace at the parsonage this fall.  We found out that it is the original furnace (23 yrs old).  Next year they may have to do something with the roof as shingles come off in each storm.  There are certainly advantages to not owning a home.

Well, time to move on – Hope you enjoyed your trip & we'll talk to you soon!

Love, Mary Va & Don & Ginny
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