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1973 Roberta's letter - Sept. 29

Roberta takes a break from studying. Transcription follows.

September 29, 1973
Dear Family,

HI! I've been studying but I figure I might as well not learn too much tonight . . . . as the first test isn't until a week from Wednesday (the tenth of October (ho, hum)

Everything here is fine.  It's hard to believe that I've been in Florida a week now, Time goes pretty darn fast between school and work.  Oh, we got your post-card . . . . . . thanks alot.

Grandma, I thought about you on Thursday.  How was your meeting?  Was the chocolate-Banana bread good?  It's a good thing I wasn't at home this last week . . . . . . . as I'm sure I would have wanted to taste it!!!  Did Mrs. Matthews make it over for your meeting?  Oh, all the women . . . the ones in your Sunday school class asked me about you last Sunday . . . . . . wanted to know when you would be down, etc. also all said hello.

Mary Virginia, Mrs. Zimmerman asked about you.  Wanted to know if you would be down any this winter. Also said to tell you hello.

Since last Monday I've really "acquired" a library.  For psychology we had to buy four books (one is a work-book to go with the main text book).  For Sociology two books . . . . . he had told us four books but then he changed it to four two books.  And then one big old thick book for criminal justice.  It's too bad I don't have the time to take one of those speed-reading courses!!!

Work is going great.  I work my Africian [sic] dress today to work . . . . with hose even and one of the ladies in Personnel told me that it wasn't appropriate for work . . . . . . in keeping with Burdine's great image.  Then later this afternoon the head woman came down and she said that they had just been talking about me in the office . . . . . how nice I looked in the dress I had on.  I told her that I had already been told, and she said "yes, she had heard, but that the dress was fine for work".  So....................

Everyone at work can't believe my new wardrobe . . . . . . thanks to you all.

Have you heard anything from Serena?  I wonder if she xhas been over to see Elton Trueblood lately???

I had a post-card from Catherine while she was on her vacation.  I haven't been able to write her, but maybe if I'm not very busy tomorrow at work I'll be able to get a few letters out, the big Ann. sale starts October 9th . . . . . we got in alot of stuff today for it.  Starting then the store will be open for business until 9:30 . . . . I think every night.  But, I'm not too sure about that !!!!

All the Hortons are fine.  Rob cut grass all day today for different people . . . . making some money on the side from his other job.  Last night there was a football game . . . . Rob played in the bad so Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary went to the game.  Guess L.W. lost something like 36 to 4.  Maybe East Clinton and Lake Worth should play each other. (ha, ha)

John, how's the Enquirer rout e coming . . . . also the good ole WNJ.  I just know you are really giving good service now . . . . . . working your way into those good Christmas tips.  All I ever got was Chocolate covered cherries!!!

Well, I better close.  Oh . . . . . I've really gotten alot of wear out of the sun-glasses . . . . . in between the rain showers down here.  They are really great as far as driving and everything goes.  Also I was thinking that I might want to wear them to classes . . . . that way I could sleep during class and the professors would never know it. (ha, ha)

Say hello to everyone for me . . . . . . . . . .

Love, Berta

P.S. –– enjoyed all the produce – it's all gone now!
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