Sunday, September 15, 2013

1982 Roberta's letter - Sept. 13

Still catching up on letters from Roberta in 1982. Transcription follows.

9:30 pm
Dear Family,
Hi! Wanted to drop you all a short note – let you all know we are all alive and well! 

Between School & Work I don't seem to have enough time – both classes are taking up alot of time – the Algebra I've been keeping up with – even got an "A" on the 1st test.

The Biology is not going that good - 1st test was today - and I'm afraid it could be VERY BAD.  Tempted to go ahead & drop it – take it next semester by itself.

We are having a 91 year old lady move in Tomorrow  – she has been taking care of her 99-year-old sister – but the older sister came down sick & the younger one finally admits it's too much on her to do it!  We've had about 3 people move out in the last month or so - so good to be getting some more!!

Sure sorry to hear about the fire at Wells – how bad was it?  Did you get the sky window in the building?

Enclosing a picture of the Dogs – in the cage - which sits in the middle of our living room.  They both seem to "enjoy" it.  Thank Goodness!

The wedding is soon approaching – I still need to know what flight Grandma will be arriving - [Hmmm, this is confusing.  Roberta & Sid's wedding was in 1983, so is this a referral to someone else's wedding??  Or is the letter mis-dated, I don't think so though as there is a 1982 postcard referring to the algebra class.]

Had a pleasant surprise in the mail today - Remember how we had paid a CPA big bucks to figure out TAXES?!  I got a check from Uncle Sam – $149.00 – due to mistake made in filing my taxes.  This CPA has me paying the state on the installment plan - due Oct. 15th - he is going to have to come up w/the penalty - if there is one!  Needless to say - we won't use this clown next year.

gotta close - love to all ––


Need Mary Virginia's mailing address!
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