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1953 Jean's letter to her mother - Sept. 13

First and last page of this 6-page 1953 letter are scanned.  Transcription of entire letter follows.

1953 Jean's letter to her mother - Sept. 13
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Sept. 13, 1953
Dearest Mother,

Its pretty cool here after our very warm weather.  Mother & Daddy Uible decided to go to Fla. Thursday after a phone call came from some man down there & they left the next morning (Friday).  Mary & Bill had gotten word they weren't coming so guess they may have been surprised today.  Haven't heard from them yet.

We had quite a catastrophe in town here last week.  Judy McElwee [age 2½] was hit by a car & her leg was broken.  She is in the Wilmington Hospital (Clinton County Memorial).  It was lucky she wasn't killed though.

Glenn [1918-1973, NV High School teacher/coach] was across the street at the lumberyard & Johnny [age 6½] ran across & Judy ran down the hill following him.  The driver saw Johnny but not Judy & her leg was fractured slightly below the hip.  She'll have to be there about a month.  This happened last Thursday.

Betty stays with her in the daytime & Glenn stays all night.  Glenn says she shows improvement every day now but is afraid of any one resembling the doctor.  (Dr. Hale, same as Harold had).  They have both legs in traction & will set the broken one in about 3 weeks.  If it had been broken below the knee he could have set it right away but where it is necessitates longer.

Three babies were baptized in church this morning – George & Imogene Shaffer's (he's the science teacher), Virginia & Jack Walker's (their 3rd girl & all younger than Catherine) [under age 4] & Bob & Mary Ruth Custis' Daniel Boyd – (dressed in overalls T-shirt & sweater for the big occasion.)

Maxine [Maxine Steele 1924-2012, wife of UMC pastor Paul Steele 1924-2001] was in church last Sunday – the first time since Easter.  Her mother was visiting & stayed with the baby.  Paul Wesley, Jr. "Wes" was to be baptized today but the other minister couldn't come (or Maxine is still worried about polio).  Everyone is disgusted & wishes she'd have twins or triplets & have more to think about.

School opens again tomorrow.  We haven't had enough rain but they hope they have enough water to carry thru.

Connie Smith had her bridge club last week and I filled in – I might as well join I've been filling in so regularly.  They keep such late hours tho & I'm poohed out for days afterwards.  Last week it was 2:30 & then I'm too wide awake to sleep til about 4:00.

Yesterday was the 1st meeting of the year for the Woman's Club.  It was held at Mrs. Geneva Phillips' [Geneva Conard Phillips 1870-1958, her husband Elroy Clifton Phillips died in 1916] & was very interesting.  They had a guest speaker on the [Ohio] Sesquicentennial Celebration – a woman who is extremely interested in Ohio Folklore & history.  She's written a book on the folklore of Highland County.  She was dressed in an old fashioned dress she had worn to the Sesquicentennial Ball in Columbus & told the history of it & the other dresses worn by the women who attended from Hillsboro.  Five attended & 3 of them one [won] prizes – 1 first, 1 2nd & the other 4th, I believe.

Miss Geneva served meringue with ice cream & fresh peaches, coffee, mints & nuts – very lovely.

The girls are already thinking of Santa Claus & time when they can get their sled out.  Roberta saw Arthur Godfrey's TV program a couple of weeks ago where he was in the water swimming pool of his home in Virginia & she ran & got her & Catherine's bathing suits & started to undress.
No word yet when Harold can depart – maybe next weekend.

All our very best love, Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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