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1963 Serena's Ohio Reading Circle Certificate

1963 Serena's Ohio Reading Circle Certificate
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Serena could probably still give us a book report on each of these books which she read in the summer before 3rd grade.  The list includes the following books:
  • The Lives of an Oak Tree by Russ Hutchins, a non-fiction nature book was published by Rand McNally in 1962 but is currently showing availability in only three Ohio libraries: Ohio State University, Zanesville Campus Library and Heidelberg University Library in Tiffin.
  • Charley Brave by Edna Walker Chandler, also published in 1962, is also only available in three Ohio libraries:  Columbus, Ohio University, and Heidelberg University.  This story book is about young Charley, whose father, Dr. Brave, goes to serve at an Indian reservation hospital where Charley finds it difficult to make friends with the Indian children.
  • The Big Dipper by Franklyn Mansfield Branley was also published in 1962.  Branley wrote dozens of easy science books for kids.  This book is available at Wilmington College, Xenia Public Library, Columbus, and about 15 other Ohio libraries.  

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Mary Crowson said...

I'm guessing in 1963, with the assistance of the amazing New Vienna School librarian, Serena had no difficulty securing these books locally! Interesting that they have them at Heidelberg---any clue what the connection might be?

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