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1973 Roberta's letter - Sep. 25

Roberta has returned to Florida after a vacation which included a stay in Clinton Memorial Hospital and a trip to NYC. Transcription follows.

September 25, 1973
(three months till Christmas)
Dear Family,

First off, you will have to overlook all the typing mistakes I'll no doubt make doing this . . . . . as I've just finished typing seven pages of psychology notes. (sounds impressive-huh?) 

It's too bad that I just did what was assigned for tomorrow---I'd love to day I'm ahead . . . . but I'm sure not!!

Classes yesterdayw went fine.  I think my schedule will work out great.  Psychology looks like it will be the hardest.  Four books are required for the course.  The one main text-book is just one theory after another with a bunch of names and dates stuck inbetween.

The Criminal Justice course I think Is going to be very interesting.  We are going to have to write another paper, but the prof isn't sure yet how long.  He said that maybe we would have two tests and not quite so long of a paper.  This is the same guy that "taught" the class I took this summer.  Oh . . . . by the way . . . . . .. he asked me if I had been sick . . . . . . I said no . . . . then he said he could tell that I had lost a good deal of weight.  I thought that was kind of funny!!!

I went to weight watchers this morning.  I had lost ½ of a pound.  (a whole eight ounces this week!!!)  But, that's not bad considering I was in New York and all.  Maybe I'll be able to do better no that I'm back home with the scales and measuring cups.

I ate yesterday lunch at the student cafeteria (spelling?) they really had a good selection.  Had some four different kinds of vegebables [sic], also toss salads, etc. I had cottage cheese, toss salads, spinish [sic].   (My spelling always has been bad)  Also I had taken an orange from home so I had that later in the afternoon.  For supper I sent to Red Lobster and had my fish.  I think tomorrow I will try and eat both meals in the cafeteria.

I am enclosing the doctor bill from Dr. Hamilton.  It was here to greet me when I got here.

Have you heard anything from the insurance people??  Tomorrow (I forgot to yesterday) I am planning on going to the insurance people at FAU and see about getting some health insurance through tem [sic].  In the meantime I better stay off my bike. (ha,ha)

I wrote a letter to Serena but I didn't have her address so I sent it via New Vienna.

The Hortons sure appreciated allt the many things you all sent down.  They had bought a big bunch of apples when they were in North Carolina so it was a good thing I didn't bring any apples with me.  I had one ounce of Mom's cereal this morning and loved every bit of it.  I think its the first I've had since March or April.  As I didn't eat any of it this summer - of what you brought down.

Well, I better be closing.  I'll be working full days on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays --- also six hours on Sunday so if you don't hear from me too often it's because I'm too busy and lazy to write . . . . . not that I'm not thinking about you all.

Love, Berta
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