Wednesday, September 18, 2013

1982 Roberta's letter - Sept. 18

September 1982 with Roberta in Arizona being a college student while running Senior Village. Transcription follows.

Dear Family,
Your schedules must be "fuller" than usual – since it's been awhile hearing from 45159!

My schedule has become lighter – dropped Biology – that should allow me to see my way through Algebra alot easier!!  The Algebra class meets from 6:30-7:45 AM – then Biology was from 8 to 9AM – so now I've developed the routine of going to the library to study after Algebra.  These Algebra assignments are getting harder & harder!!

A new Health plan in AZ is just now getting started AZ's answer to medicaid –– it affects all of our people - and me too – because w/ it comes another new group of forms!!

I'm sitting outside – the hospital – just got out of another meeting about new Health plan & it's down right COLD out!!  Nice change from our record breaking temperatures!!

I've had a streak of luck lately – buying shoes!!  Was in Shoe City & they had 4 pairs of shoes the other day marked down to $9.00 each all 11-S size – that I liked – so bought all 4 pairs!  Two pair were sandals (Hush Puppy) & 2 pair tie shoes.  All of them had a small nick or stain on them – that you can hardly see.  There was 1 pair of Famalore [?] that I liked - but they were $48.00!!!!  And I didn't get them!!

We plan to go up to the cabin tomorrow –– will have to have a fire in fireplace to keep warm.  The dogs really like it up there.  Charlie has so much energy!  I'm anxious for Grandma to meet both of the dogs!!  I'm sure she will find them very amusing!

I still need to know the flight # of Grandma's flight – Also we hope she will be here at least 2 weeks – we'd like to take Grandma to the cabin one weekend and to the Sedona area the next weekend.  We have tickets to see the play – Sound of Music – in the Civic Plaza on Oct. 3rd.  Got really good tickets – my insistence of an aisle seat for Grandma – instead of the usual handicap section.

"Hello Dolly" was at ASU this last week – I had wanted to go – but the tickets were $25 each – so instead I got shoes!!

We've been eating some of the gourmet style T.V. dinners & they come on plates that can be put in the microwave.  They have all sorts of main dishes – and really do taste good -  They are our substitute for eating out (which we can't do very often) & bringing sandwiches in!!

Gotta go – have been talking to a student nurse & now time to catch the city bus –

Love, Roberta
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