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1983 Cris' Letter - Sept. 21

Cris writes a thank-you and news-filled letter in September 1983. Transcription follows.

Wednesday, Sept. 21st [1983]

Dear Aunt Jean & Uncle Harold,

Please don't faint but it is really your nephew, Cris and his new bride writing a note of thanks.  I hope you accept my apologies for not writing by now, but I was waiting for a special time.  I trust this tardiness doe snot diminish how special and thankful we are for what you did to make our wedding and honeymoon an unforgetable and memorable occasion.  Believe me, we love you and cherish what you did for us!

Angela and I hope we will be able to get together soon and compare notes with you.  In brief, Thurmond and the Banker's Hotel exceeded our expectations!  Ha!  Wish we could have arranged an extra day to take in the other trip.  Talking about another trip want to join us on our "1 year anniversary"?  I'm serious.  Doesn't have to be on our anniversary either.  I've got to get a piece of the Banker's homemade cherry pie which we missed because we were rushed to get to the amphitheater for the play "Honey on the Rock."  Most enjoyable!  The white water trip was well managed, organized, thrilling and scenic to say the least.  We had somewhat preferential treatment on the New River in that the guide's family was in our raft – an enjoyable day.  Got a picture of "My Peach" with the New River Gorge Bridge in the background – ominous looking!!

Back at the newly-weds home, Angela is current typing her last paper for school.  She is excited for next week is her last week.  This semester has been one of primarily internship for her.  She is real excited for she has found a dentist office which likes her and she likes too.  She will be employed beginning first week in grad October.  Graduation is also that same week.  However, we really won't be able to celebrate until after the 14th which is certification.  She has to take an all day exam!  Ugh!  Have to pray for the best!

It will be good to have both of us finally out of school.  My MBA education has been a broadening of horizons, but an experience I don't soon want to repeat.  Our study group and their spouses had a reunion down at Myrtle Beach S.C. this past weekend to respark memorable moments at good ole Babcock, Wake Forest.

The week before Angela transferred her membership to Broadstreet Methodist Church.  It sure is nice to worship together as a family.  Angela and I have a lot to be thankful for.

This past summer has been a hot one!  Eating lots of homemade ice-cream.  So dry I think we have lost two beautiful pine trees as a result.  The new planted grass reached a critical state but with the recent rains the grass will pull out of it.  Hope!  It is also very heated at work – more ways than one!  Clark Equip. just might pull this revitalization program off.  The next strategy is viability in 1984.  Closing three plants and moving them south is quite a feat!

How is Grandma?  When is her next expedition?  I'm sure she has one planned.  Angela wants to make sure that you know that if it wasn't for the promise I made with her that I would write you both, she would have written a lot sooner.  Please forgive me and many thanks.

Love, Cris & Angela

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