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1993 Jeanne Sanker letter - Sept.14

According to the menu below Jean and Serena met Jeanne Sanker for lunch on September 13, 1993 at the White House Inn in Cincinnati.  The appetizer part of the menu is scanned below, as well as a letter from Jeanne to Jean, written on Sept. 14.  Jeanne was very efficient at writing a follow-up thank you letter which is transcribed.

1993 White House Inn (Cincinnati) Menu - Sept. 13
According to in Oct. 2012, the former White House Inn on Muhlhauser Rd. 
is now "Casa Bianca," an Italian restaurant.

1993 Jeanne Sanker letter - Sept.14
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Tues. Sept. 14, 1993
Dear Jean,

A note to tell you again how much I enjoyed yesterday -- a memorable day in so many ways, not just that it was historical with Israel and Palestine signing accords.

I loved our lunch at The White House and hope to go back there again sometime.  I hope I can take you and Serena to Embassy Swuites the next time we can get together - and that will be my treat.

I have looked over the wonderful potpourri of articles you brought along, identifying with each one.  Regarding the Thanksgiving dinner and its invitation for "mishaps", reminded me of a baby shower I had agreed to help with in 1957 -- and was so confident that my recipe for Mile High Cherry Pie (taken from the Weirton Steel Bulletin which of course featured "steel cans").  Anyway, I was so sure that everyone would just be non-plussed by this beautiful dessert that they would want the recipe for it.  So, I had Bill run copies beforehand (as you can see Ditto was the way to make copies then:)  So -- the night of the shower all the other gals who were hel½ping to make the pies had not let the canned milk stay in the refrigeratore [sic] long enough to be almost frozen-cold.  And -- the pies, instead of being "A mile high" and glorious, ran all over the plate and were truly unsightly.  Not one person asked for the recipe.  So -- I have been peddling these to everyone with whom I ever talk about food.  If you should need more copies, I have them!!

Hope you have a fine trip to New England and best wishes for happy days til I see you again.  Thanks, again, for yesterday.

With love, Jeanne

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