Sunday, September 30, 2012

Summer 1982 & 2012 End of September

Another month moves into the history file.  For those who are keeping track of such things, we are now 7.5% done with the 10-year-plan.  Here are a couple of pictures from the summer of 1982.
Jean, Harold, Jeanne Sanker - 1982 trip to Europe
 Not the best picture but they all look happy!

Catherine & Gerry talking to Elizabeth Johnson & Gertrude Waits in foreground - June 1982
Celebrating GHU's 90th birthday (in the recreation room?)
Catherine is probably clutching important historical documents that now can't be found.

What have we missed from the past "2" years?  Much!
Here's a short list:

1972 letters from Joe
1972 letters from Grace
1972 letters from Zach & Martha Ngueio - not sure of spelling - in Botswana
1972 New Vienna Lions Club 25th Anniversary brochure - this maybe should go on the NV blog
1982 NVUMC list of 263 members
1992 baby picture of Ginny – glad to hear she's doing well in 2012!
2002 lots of emails

Family postcards which seem to have disappeared from the not-so-well organized piles in which they were stacked.  Probably got moved in a straightening effort and have not yet reappeared.  Plus anything not yet found or not sorted correctly.

Some of the above may yet be published.

Anybody notice there were no family carbon copy letters in September 1982?  I double checked the file on those and found nothing between August 29, 1982 and October 6, 1982.  The Aug. 29 letter mentioned an upcoming trip to visit Serena in Chicago, the impending return of Mie Young from Korea, and the beginning of college for MV.  Maybe September was a really busy month or the carbon paper supplies ran out.  Perhaps we'll find out in the Oct. 6 letter.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

I'm curious to see why there are no letters although as I recall, Mom and Dad were gone on a long trip that fall; specific dates and the destination escape me. Then again, a long trip for them was rather uncommon (not).

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