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1972 HH postcard from Philmont Scout Ranch

Written on what was then still called a penny postcard though the price had gone up to an outrageous high of 6¢.  Here's the first postcard written from a trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in 1972 with a group of Boy Scouts from New Vienna.  Evidently they drove with a group that included Ben Mathews, Mark Young, Brian Smith, Jim Bernard, Kevin Croghan, Dale Hertlein, Jim Mongold, HH & a ranger, possibly Robbie Smith.

1972 HH postcard from Philmont - July 20
[postmarked July 20, 1972 - Thursday[
Hi!  1400 miles & are here – we have 5 tents for tonight in Tent City.  Had a good lunch of meat, 2 milks, beans or corn, jello, B&B [bread & butter] and pudding.  See they have sugar cereals for bkfst.  We have our freeze dried provisions for 3 days & our ranger is Lynn Davidson who got the Horkady [sp?] Award at the BIG dinner.  Scouts here from all over – saw two on crutches.  Have done my wash & getting ready for inspection.  Bought a pair of colored glasses.  Like the mummy sleeping bag – particularly when it is not raining.  Know you are getting good care at Hillsboro.  How are the milk shakes?  How about either coming out or dropping us a line – okay?  Dont's see WSJ or Buzz Sawyer [?] stop either here.  –Dad

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Would be interesting to know dates JB was in hospital and when transferred to Cincinnati. Evidently he took a turn for the worse after Dad left for Philmont!

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