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1972 Roberta's letter to Hong Kong - Aug. 20

Roberta gets the prize for length and illegibility.  Love the comment about what Grandma thought of Mr. Perry's hair.  Transcription follows.
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August 20, 1972

Dear Mom & Dad,

Hi! Hope you all are having a good trip - no doubt you are quite homesick, Mom - but we will try and save some dirty dishes, clothes, (everybody talking and the TV is on !!), and cleaning up to do. And, Dad, how about $10 for gas? (Ho, Hum!)

We’ve all kept pretty busy since y’all left. I’ve been working everyday at J&W and imagine that I’ll be back again this week. The “big news” over there is that they now have fried mushrooms. But, so far we haven’t sold any - but all of the “help” has been eating them!

I didn’t get to the eye doctor’s Thursday morning because John felt pretty bad so took him to the doctors. But now he seems to be feeling pretty good - has been working on the bookcase some.

Grandma made it to SS and Church today just fine. After lunch - we ate in Leesburg - we went to Americare.

Then about 3:00 PM went to Vanessa’s - where she talked me into going to see “Now you see him - now you don’t” a movie showing at the Murphy in Wilmington - I think John and MV want to go see it tomorrow night.

Jacki Walker taught Sunday School this morning for both her Mom & Dad - guess her family went to Wisconsin for a vacation.

Saturday night Serena, Mary V, and I went to Lynchburg to see a folk musical program put on at their high school.

We remembered to send Mrs. [Priscilla] Walker’s birthday card – I think Mary V. said she got some 30 cards.

I bought my gym shoes - they look like the kind the basketball stars wear.

103 people today at Sunday School, 78 at Church. Mr. Ed Perry was with Mrs. Carey. He’s got his hair real blonde now - as Grandma says he looks pretty silly.

Well better be closing - hoping to have heard from you by the time you get this!

Love, Bert

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