Friday, September 28, 2012

1992 Roberta's letter to Grandma - Sept. 28

Roberta keeps up the excellent job of writing to Grandma. This letter is written on the back of two pages that include illustrations and short sentences in Spanish about traveling and washing hands. Transcription follows.
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Dear Grandma,

Here it is almost October and it is still over 100ยบ during the day.  We were out this weekend in our trailer – thank goodness the Air Conditioner works fine!  At night it does cool down.  Out away from the city you could really see the stars.  But I never learned what I'm looking at – Big Dipper, etc.

It's getting to be bigger crowds at Church – the true snowbirds are still away but those people gone for the summer are now back!  During the summer our Church still has 3 services – but not too many people in any one service.  By November – after Thanksgiving till April 15th (TAX DAY) crowds everywhere in Arizona!  That is just about the same period of time you would be in Florida – isn't it?

Do show these pages (back side to Mom & Dad) our residents were trying to learn Spanish.  We have one Mexican lady who lives here at Senior Village who is almost 75 years old & has lived in the United States over 40 years but has never learned much English!

I hope you are doing fine – eating & drinking enough!  Have you had any good pie lately?  Friends brought us an apple pie – paid $7.50 for it.  Seemed expensive to me!

See you in November!

Love, Roberta

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