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1972 Letter to MV - July 30

On a trip to Mexico in early summer 1972, John became quite ill (later diagnosed as typhoid fever) and spent time in the Hillsboro and the Cincinnati Hospital. MV evidently spent part of the time (while HH was on trip to Philmont with Boy Scouts) with the William (Nellie) Thornburgs, parents of Harold Q. and Wilma Croghan.  Transcription follows.
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Dearest Mary Virginia,

Your big and favorite brother John is feeling much better and will be home by this time next week.  We both miss you very much.  John has your letter on the wall right beside his bed so he can see and read it often.  That was really a nice and long letter.

Aunt Jeanne Sanker and Lynne were here yesterday and brought some candy and cookies which John is saving to eat with you.  He is now allowed anything he wants to eat but doesn't have too much appetite yet.

Please thank Mrs. Thornburg for her nice letter to tell us about what you are doing.  It was almost like a visit.  John sat up in a chair yesterday and also took a ride down the hall in a wheelchair.  Today we hope to go up to the sunroom and get some fresh air.

See you soon!  I'm still planning to bring you down here overnight if you want.

Love and XXXXXX Mother and John
Nellie Evans Thornburg was born 31 Oct 1900 and died 16 Mar 2002. Her husband, William Q. Thornburg was born in 1891 and died in 1977.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

I don't remember visiting John per se but I do remember Mother having me down for overnight. Rode down to Cincinnati with Bill Dodd (lived up the alley, behind the Martins--his kids were my age) and crying most of the way to Cincinnati because I missed Mom and Dad so much. The only other thing I remember was that the apartment (we were only there long enough to sleep) was dark and small. Can't imagine how difficult that was for mother to try to stay with John, Dad in NM, etc. As I recall, I stayed with the Thornburgs the entire time, which was like a month or so.

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