Thursday, September 20, 2012

1972 MV's letter to Hong Kong - Aug. 20

MV, John, Serena, Roberta & GHU all wrote letters to Hong Kong. Grandma mailed hers separately in an aerogram. The other four were mailed together in an envelope addressed by John and sent to the Hong Kong Hyatt. 21¢ postage for air mailing an international letter.

Excellent cursive, MV! Transcription follows.
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Sunday, August 20 9:25 PM [1972 - and what is MV doing up so late??]

Dear Mom and Dad,

We went out to eat. Bert told John to put a Dollar tip on the table. Grandma, Bert and I went to Americare after lunch. I went to two plays last week. Grandma came up for dinner. I lost two pounds. We are going to a movie tomorrow night. I saw a singing play and a Winnie the Pooh play.

LOVE, Mary Virginia

The other side of MV's letter is the letter from John.

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