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1972 Philmont - Saturday July 22

Postcards to Mrs. CJU & Mrs. HHU. Transcriptions follow.
Seton Memorial Library and Museum Philmont Scout Ranch postcard mailed 1972
Captioned: SETON MUSEUM - Located mid-point between the Philmont Training Center and Camping Headquarters, the Ernest Thompson Seton* [see note about Seton below] Memorial Library and Museum houses many books, paintings, Indian artifacts and animal collections. Philmont Photo by Howard Dunham.

[Addressed to GHU] Sat. [7/22/72] 

Easier walking today as down to 1 days provisions. We have had instant cheese & peanut butter - no 2 meals are the same. Had macaroni & cheese, peas & banana pudding last night. Some of the boys have found deer antlers. Getting along fine with the boots & everybody is happy. This chopping wood brings back the thirties [1930’s] in L.W. [chopping wood in Lake Worth? – That is history.] –Harold

Philmont Scout Ranch postcard mailed 1972
Captioned: PHILMONT SCOUT RANCH - Headquarters for the 214-square mile ranch includes the Philmont Training Center in the foreground for America’s Scouting leaders, and the Camping Headquarters, in the background, which serves as the base operation for thousands of Scouts and Explorers who come each summer for rugged wilderness expeditions.  Philmont Photo by Craig Allen.

[Note the X on upper left side where bus dropped them off.  Note written above picture]  The school bus took us to the “X.”  We have been going up and down ever since.

[Addressed to JWBU] Sat. [7/22/72] Any corn or beans out of the garden?

Now at Crater Lake Camp - real sun. Made it here in 4 hrs. We are on our own as the Ranger left us this A.M. - Need John here to read the map. That red jacket has been wonderful in the early morning - feels like snow then. Had a shower here & did the wash of 1/2 the clothes. Seen several deer at close range. Have plenty of Brand “X” [powdered] milk to drink. –Harold

* Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946) was a noted author, wildlife artist, and one of the founding pioneers of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  He was born in England to Scottish parents who moved to Canada in 1866.  Seton was Chief Scout of the BSA from 1915-1934.

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