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1982 Letter from Alice Martin - July 2

Not sure who Alice Dean Martin* [1902-1989] was, but she lived in Cleveland Heights in 1982, and was probably a friend/coworker/boss of Jean’s when she worked at the library in the 1940s. Perhaps that is who Mother was looking for the last time she went to the Cleveland Library. This is a great example of how people’s lives can be brightened by a visit and a good lunch at Wendy’s! I like the butterfly note card also. Transcription follows.
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July 2, 1982

Dear Friends:

I did appreciate your visit so very much, and all you did for me. It was wonderful to see you both looking so young and lively and go shopping and have such a good lunch at Wendy’s.

I am wondering if Lillian called you. She had an errand to do first; but she said she would call you as soon as she returned. I tried to call you back but there was no answer. In fact I tried several times that day and the next, but always at the wrong time to reach you. Lilian was so glad to hear you were here. She said if her car were available (I forgot where she said it was) she’d drive right to the hotel to see you. We had quite a visit on the telephone and she plans to stop in to see me some time when she is around this way.

I want to thank you again, too, for Guideposts.

I hope you gained all you hoped to at the meetings and I hope your vacation will be most enjoyable. Take good care.

Love, Alice Martin

Alice Dean Martin, born in 1902, is listed in the Cleveland census of 1930 as a librarian at the public library.  She was born in Nebraska.  She was then living as a boarder at an address where three other librarians, several teachers, two social workers, and some office workers – all women – also resided.

In the 1940 census, Alice is still working as a librarian at the public library but is listed as head of the household of a rental house with Lilian Martin as a lodger.  This cannot be the same Lillian mentioned in the above letter though as this Lillian Martin was born in 1876 and would not have been driving a car in 1982.

According to a family tree on she is related to the Ackermans.  Jean was a friend of Lee Ackerman Noble, also a librarian, from Toledo, Ohio.  And I am a friend of Lee's daughter, Jenna.  Some of you may remember them from Lakeside.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

sketchy but wasn't Alice Martin Mother's supervisor at the library?

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: This lady worked in the library with your Mother. Rather sad retirement for her as I recall she lived in an apartment on the third floor and it took great effort on her part to navigate the stairs, so she seldom got out. Yes, she thought Wendy's was wonderful.

LANH said...

Not sure if you will see this or not, but Alice Martin compiled a lot of newspaper clippings, stories, etc. on the history of Tremont (a neighborhood in Cleveland). Supposedly, she also wrote a book about the history of Tremont. Do you have any idea where that book might be? Thank you.

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

LANH – No, I did not realize Alice Martin had written a local history book. I have not seen a copy in my archives but will keep my eyes open for it. Have you checked with the Cleveland or Cuyahoga Historical Society? The Cleveland Public Library? I do not see it listed on, but if it is at the historical society it wouldn't show up there necessarily. Good luck with your search.

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