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1972 Serena's letter to Hong Kong - Aug. 20

Serena wins the prize for being Dad-like in brevity and mentioning names. Transcription follows.
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[August 20, 1972]

Dear Mom & Dad,

Hi! Everything is fine (more or less). John has a throat virus but is much better. Band is better than I first thought. But only five seniors so far. MV and I are going to Winnie the Pooh tonight. The heat & humidity is almost unbearable. We’re going to have chicken for supper. Last night we (Bert, MV & I) went to see “Natural High,” a Christian song deal in Lynchburg. Saw Mr. Roush - very good. Worked at the hospital. Went in to see Mrs. Grace Long & Mrs. Linkhart. Robb Uhl was also in - minor surgery. Paul Linkhart is also in again. No job, yet. Planning to make some more applications. 103 in Sunday School today. 4 in my class & 4 from Dad’s class. Have to go now. Love, Serena (U.)

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