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1972 Letter from GHU to Hong Kong

Grandma writes a letter to Harold & Jean who are in Hong Kong in August 1972 – as Mother said in a 1972 letter to Mary Virginia about a nice letter from Nellie Thornburg "almost as good as a visit." Transcription follows.  I have added paragraph breaks as Grandma had written this as one long paragraph.
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Mon. evening 21st [August 1972]

Dear Harold & Jean,

I was told this morning that the family had all written a letter yesterday so I am wondering what is left to write about.  At least I can say John is more like himself although he gave us a scare Thurs., as he was sick.  Roberta, Mary V, John & I went to the Drs. this forenoon also the the hospital for John to have a blood test.  Roberta signed for him.

I had Dr. T [Terrell] to look at a breaking out on my neck which is so minor but I thought if it was caused by the medicine I was taking he might want to make a change.  He said it was only a little rash caused from what he simply didn't know.  It is better so will continue with the lotion.

John is getting to move faster & likes to tease & clown around once more.  He said at noon he was going to start delivering [newspapers] this evening.  We have a new Enquirer boy again.  When the Medlock boy was collecting Sat. he said it was his last day, but I didn't understand what he said about the new boy so didn't ask him again.  Anyway the paper is being left early each morning.  So far.

I am trying to listen a little to the TV convention report.  Thanks for the dinner ticket Sun.  There was a number waiting in line when we left.  Service was over at the right time for us.  Saw the McCoys & also Doris, Alicia & one of her children eating.  Doris was unhappy as usual for she said their dinner was cold when served.  Helen Car stopped in Fri. afternoon.  A Mrs. Dove or a relative of the Doves was with her.  Helen had left Wib in Hillsboro to attend a Co. meeting.  She said he is out and around but doing only a little better.  No lifting & just a little light work.  He hopes to continue improving & had driven the tractor a little this past week.

We received the 2 US cards this morning.  Sorry you got off to such a slow start.

Mr. White wanted to help me get upstairs Sun. [at church] but I declined & told him it would be cooler downstairs.  In fact it was nearly too cool.  We had a nice rain Sat. afternoon, but a light wind storm along with it.  I was really provoked because Marie had cleaned up the walks, gutters, & leaves.  Then came the wind & brought over my neighbors Elephant ear leaves & the porch & lawn looked a mess for Sun.  So at Sun. school I asked Marie to come this afternoon to clean up again.

Serena was mowing at home this afternoon.  Roberta insisted that I go home with them for lunch as Miss Ruth said so, She had a nice meal.  Ham, green beans, squash, cottage cheese & tomatoes, slaw & other little things.

Had a letter form Mary & they had been playing croquet on their front lawn.  It is far from being a good place.  Can't hardly wait until Joe arrives.  Nothing especially new.

The News-Journal this evening gave the death of Mr. C. Kirkendahl death being Sat. at the home.  Funeral private, no visitation, Rev. Lynd minister, 85 years of age.

Thurs. evening I phoned the Mayor & asked him if the truck could be parked somewhere else etc. at any early date.  He said he would be glad to take care of it.  Believe it or not the same evening when I went to bed that "eye sore" had been moved.  I call that service.

I had 28 jack letters today which I finished before starting this letter.

I expect Roberta told you we went to Med. – Sun. afternoon. Mrs. M. said that Charles, Thelma & the 2 girlies returned Sat. from Naples & it rained everyday in Fla.  Enjoy your tour.  Love, Mother

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