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1972 John's letter to Hong Kong - Aug. 20

John, always the kidder, purposely mixes up the good and bad news. The summer of 1972 was a time of much worry and concern about his health. Transcription follows.
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Sun. Aug. 20 [1972]

Dear Mom and Dad,

I have good news and bad news for you. First the bad good news.

I woke up on Thursday morning not feeling very good. I went back to bed. Roberta took me over to Dr. Ayres because it was Dr. Terrell’s day off. He said I had the flu. They gave me pills too. Thursday, Friday, and part of Sat. was spent recuperating. I see Dr. Terrell tomorrow.

Now the bad news.

I received an application for the speaking contest in Springfield. Dad, Roberta is signing your name as I have to have my parents consent. If I win in Springfield I go on to the regional finals and maybe even the national finals! If you get 1st place in the nations you get a $3,000 scholarship.

We ate out today and did it very inexpensively too!

I am very anxious to see you two home very soon.

Your son, John B. U.


Serena said...

"singing" your signature? It is BAD news when anybody in this family is singing, except for MV.

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Serena, I changed singing to signing. You are correct that most of our family, except MV, are much better at signing than singing.

Always appreciate having errors pointed out so they can be corrected. Thanks!

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