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1972 Philmont - Friday July 21

Postcards from HH to John and MV. Transcriptions follow.
Rugged Hiking postcard Philmont Scout Ranch, mailed 1972
Captioned:  RUGGED HIKING - Each summer thousands of older Boy Scouts and Explorers come to Philmont Scout Ranch for high adventure expeditions in the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains of northeastern New Mexico.  Philmont Scout Ranch and Explorer Base.  Cimarron, New Mexico.  Philmont Photo by Mark Clayton.

1972 HH postcard from Philmont - July 21

[Addressed to John] Fri. A.M.  [7/21/72]

Hi, Everybody
This is us [hiking] only RAIN & more RAIN all day Thurs.  Glad to have had things in plastic bags.  No sneezes yet.  Have seen several deer & a skunk today.  Took about 1 1/2 hr to get the bear bags hung up.  Had dutch oven cobbler last night - hard to hold cover over fire it was so hot.  – Dad
Mountain Horseback Riding Philmont Scout Ranch postcard mailed 1972 
Captioned:  MOUNTAIN HORSEBACK RIDING - Riding is a favorite activity of families at the Philmont Training Center and for older Boy Scouts and Explorers on 10-day wilderness expeditions.  The 137,000-acre ranch maintains a remuda of nearly 250 saddle horse.  Philmont Photo by Howard Dunham.

HH postcard to MV from Philmont
6:00 A.M. - Fri. [7/21/72]

Hi!  Sorry you & John aren’t here to go horseback riding.  There are 2 girl rangers here.  There are some girl explorer posts that come here.  Going to have oatmeal & coffee cake this A.M. - everything comes in a sack & have new cooks everyday.   A school bus took us to the end of the road & then we walk.  How about a camping trip?  – Dad

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