Friday, September 07, 2012

1992 John's letter to Mom & Dad - Sept. 7

1992 - John's letter - Sept. 7 - Wood block print by Paul Arnold of Inn at Honey Run.

Labor Day (Sept. 7) 1992

Dear Mom and Dad,
How are you two doing?  Julie and I have enjoyed our stay at the Inn at Honey Run.  Your generous gift for our anniversary last month made it possible.  Thank you very much.

It has been beautiful – nature trails and wonderful food.  Sunday afternoon we drove just NE of Wooster to Smithville to eat at "The Barn" and see their gift shops.  The grounds are worth seeing.

We'd recommend this Inn.  Perhaps sometime this winter we could come up with you and the Ashcrafts for a weekend.

Thanks again.  See you Friday.

Love, John & Julie

PS Thank Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary for stopping to visit us last week.  We were so glad to see them!

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