Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School in the "2" years

The beginning of the school year for the last 110 years – some of these details could be incorrect or inexact.  Corrections and additional details would be appreciated.

1902 GHU starts 4th grade, possibly at one room school on family property - she graduated in 1911

1922 MUH begins 4th grade in Hillsboro - she graduated 1931 from Hillsboro HS

1932 HH starts 2nd grade in New Vienna - he graduated 1943
1932 Jean begins 5th grade in New Cumberland WV - she graduates 1940
1932 MUH attends college in Nashville TN (or did she transfer to Ohio State after year in TN?)

1942 Jean is Junior at West Virginia University in Morgantown - she graduated in Jan. 1945
1942 HH begins senior year at New Vienna High School

1962  Catherine - 8th grade
1962  Roberta - 6th grade
1962  Serena - 2nd grade

1972  Catherine works on MLS at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI
1972  Roberta attends college (Univ. of Cincinnati?)
1972  Serena begins senior year at East Clinton High School
1972  John - freshman year at East Clinton (when did Exeter start, 1973?)
1972  MV - 3rd grade

1982  Serena takes paralegal classes in Chicago
1982  MV begins freshman year at Wilmington College
1982  Wendy begins Kindergarten in Metolius, Oregon

1992  Wendy in 9th grade, Centennial High School, Peoria AZ

2002  Wendy attends ASU West, Phoenix AZ
2002  Ginny in 5th grade, Dublin GA - she graduates 2010
2002  Kate in 4th grade, Granville OH - she graduates 2011

2012  Ginny attends Georgia College in Milledgeville GA
2012  Kate attends Miami University in Oxford OH
2012  Christian in 9th grade, Dublin GA
2012  Andrew - 8th grade, Granville OH
2012  KC's parents decide to wait another year before starting him in kindergarten

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

As I recall Exeter was 1974-76?

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