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1982 Letter to family - August 9

Monday – August 9, 1982

Dearest Family –

Another week has rolled around - the county fair opened yesterday so we did attend the chicken barbecue and opening church service there.  We did have rain off and on yesterday but didn't dampen things too much.  With more this morning, we are having more than we need and areas not too far from us have only had about ¼ inch in weeks - wish that we could share it.

The garden has been so productive - faster than I can keep up with it.  The transparent apple tree was especially fruitful this year and though it reached the peak before we got back [from trip to Europe with Sankers] we were able to get a lot frozen in stewed apples and applesauce.  Have frozen green beans, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, corn, cole slaw, beets, and trying to save room for tomato juice and more things yet to come.  Do so wish we could share with all of you!

Mary Virginia registered for her first college term and sounds like she'll have a busy fall.  She has orientation Sept. 12-13 and classes begin on the 14th.  The term is over Thanksgiving and starts again Jan. 3 so she'll have a long Christmas vacation.  Mie Young is due back sometime the end of August or beginning of September.

Lytle's or rather what is the Friendly Village Inn in Leesburg was the scene of a dinner theater last weekend - a community group from Highland County put on Inge's "Bus Stop."  We sent in money for tickets for three of us bud didn't know that they were all sold out before they got our money so innocently went over without tickets.  Luckily they let us in although they turned away a group ahead of us.  They could learn a lot from other dinner theaters but on the whole was very good and saw quite a few people we knew - Vivien Hiestand, John and Laura Hughes, the Harold Wallens who came and sat with us - he was celebrating his 65th birthday - and Bill and Ethel King among other.

Last Friday evening we went to the Murphy Theater and saw "E.T." which was unusual.  Just the day before there was an item in the Wilmington News-Journal about the Murphy Theater being the next white elephant in Wilmington (after the General Denver Hotel), which brings one back to the old fact of that few things are certain beyond change, taxes and death.  On the way home we made a stop at Krogers to see what they have on their mark down table, from which we have been having our supply of summer melons - usually at half price from their regular price.  Across the street United Dairy Farmers were having cones at 29¢ a dip.

Oh yes, we did go to the fair last night in the "Bubble" and IT IS a conversation piece.  It is certainly easier for Grandma to get in and out and there is plenty of stretch room for all of us ... especially when compared with our Chevette.

[Carbon must have gotten folded or torn as the left side/corner of the remaining 2 paragraphs is totally missing, but the gist is still there.]

We thought we had reservations to go to Florida on 9/24, but then a travel agent called us and said that he could not make the reservations so far ahead with Peoples Express, who are roughly 1/3 cheaper than Delta.  There is an interesting article in the Wall St. Journal today about [indecipherable] Maine to Florida and how it has changed in the past  [indecipherable] years.

The raspberries are ripe again and we've frozen many.  Tell Wendy we miss her help in picking them this time.  We have propped up the apple limbs to keep them from breaking from the weight of all the apples.

[With much love, etc.]

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