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1972 Letter from Hong Kong - Aug. 27

Back of Aerogramme from Hong Kong.  Captioned: Hong Kong by Night with fireworks

Letter from HH & Jean to family from Hong Kong, written Aug. 27, 1972
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Sun – Aug. 27, 1972

Dearest Family –

[started by Jean]  Got your looked-forward-to letters yesterday morning and also one from Grandma.  So glad to hear from all of you.  So sorry that John has been sick but take it that he is better if he is "teasing and clowning around."  It was nice of Serena to take Mary Virginia to see Winnie-the-Pooh and glad you all went to Leesburg to dinner including Grandma in your plans and also going to Americare.  Thanks too to Roberta for taking off to go to Hillsboro.

Hong Kong is really fascinating – and the most beautiful harbor!  The famous Star Ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong is only 2¢.  Had dinner with couple from St. Clairsville in restaurant with wonderful view of both cities.

We have enjoyed whole trip with outstanding memories – so many friendly and helpful people, delicious food and interesting sights.  Found a record store where they sold new records 33.3 long playing for only 25¢ each.  Books also much cheaper.  If they just didn't weigh so much.  [finished by HH] The '72 World Book was $20, BUT in black & white only - no color.

Here in H.K. the rainy season is on – but no inconvenience – at least not of typhoon range.

Went to Union Church today – all in English.  Man there in shorts – everything very informal here.

Have ridden bus several times.  They are the double decker type, recall the one at Milford.  Even double decker street cars.

The train starts here for Europe – B.B. would like that.  But you can go only as far as China without a visa.  See you all next week.

Love to all.  Daddy & Mother

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