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1982 Letter to family - August 1

Glad to have a family letter to read again after a two month break.  This one is not being scanned as it is rather a poor carbon copy.  Trust that I am not making it up!

Dearest Family --

Happy August! Can't believe it has been eight weeks since we last wrote a carboned letter to all of you. We have been in touch with all of you - mostly in June but also in the past week.

We did have a wonderful trip with the Sankers through France, Switzerland, bits of Austria and Germany and even less in Italy - limited to a picnic on Lake Como - never spent a cent there (or rather never a lira) but we were really on the go! We were gone just three weeks (Sat., July 3 through Sat., July 25th. We spent four days in Paris before meeting Jeanne and Bill at the railroad station (the quietest Fourth of July we ever spent but made up for it Bastille Day - July 14th - France's equivalent).  We saw many castles, chateaus, a few cathedrals - notably Chartres all of which made us wish we had boned up on world history before we left - especially of France and Bavaria.

Saw the Matterhorn from Zermatt and Gornergrat but the Jungfrau was so enclosed in clouds decided against trying to get any closer to it than Interlocken.  Had so many funny experiences like not being able to find the rooms we had rented in a tourist-like home (called a zimmer-frei) in Salzburg - knew we were in the right area but the street was so hidden. They had given us the key to the house but it did us not good til we found the street.  That is just one example and we could tell you many others but will bore you in person some time.

Now that we are home seems like a dream having been away. We were a little tired when we got home - especially for a couple of days. It was hard keeping awake at a special concert given by a pianist with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra at Wilmington College that Monday evening but think we are back to normal now.

Mary Virginia seemed to survive very well with the two kittens she acquired about June 22 – from Denise Stewart's cat litter. They were just six weeks old then both grey tigers almost identical. Kay Wolfrom stayed here at night and that seemed to be happy arrangement – don't think they saw much of each other for Kay never came much before 10:30 PM and MV had to leave about 6:30 AM to work at Wells.

Going back to the Sankers – they checked everything but one big suitcase at our hotel in Paris and managed with a minimum of clothes – Jeanne wore a navy pants suit with 3 blouses – all long sleeves and also had a navy skirt to match. Bill had two pairs of pants and 3 shirts so felt that we were flush with all our changes. Think Jeanne actually wore out a pair of shoes that she wore daily (had a pair for dress but only wore those a couple of times).

Bill enjoyed doing 99% of the driving – we had rented a four door Peugeot which was quite comfortable and economical – about 30 miles to the gallon. We drove about 3500 miles so covered a good bit of territory in those 2½ weeks. We really appreciated the Michelin guides that John loaned us and made use of the red Michelin guide which was excellent for hotels restaurants and city maps. John's were tall and slender green books on the various areas which we saw so many people carrying that we called them the "green Bibles" for many are printed in four languages. Considering all the preparation we had made before we took the trip – it really turned out VERY WELL !! Also appreciated the newspaper article that Marion sent us on walking tours of European cities and saving it for future use.

Decided on the spur of the moment to call John and X this morning and made plans to meet them in Granville so dined at the Inn there and enjoyed their good buffet. MV had been sick the last we were to meet there so just Dad and G'ma had gone. That must have been about 3 years ago.

John and X are planning to go to New England the latter part of August and stopping off at Hudson Guild Farm. John has a promotion and now has two Saturdays and 4.5 days each month. The bank sent him to a week seminar at Ashland College a couple of weeks ago which he thought was very worthwhile. They have been busy painting their garage and trim around their house and it looks real nice as does their garden. Piper looks real good – seems to be filling out – we took him for a walk to the high school where he was able to run around – it looks more like a college campus with all the separate buildings – built around 1962. We were home by 9PM so had a full day and still able to get this letter started.

Serena, John gave us material which should be helpful to you for taking the LSAT this winter – we were happy to hear about you thinking about that. John says that so many of the paralegal people he knows have felt they did so much of the hard work that they wanted to go on and get their law degrees. We wonder if you have plans for Labor Day as that might be a good time for us to go to Chicago providing it works in with your schedule. Do let us know how you feel about this. Glad to hear that you have gotten a part-time job at Roosevelt University where you will be studying this fall – the information desk should be interesting place to work. Did appreciate your phone call.

Also glad to get to talk to Catherine and Roberta too this past week. Thanks to Roberta and Mary Virginia we are getting to see many of the pictures taken the last part of June [at Grandma's 90th] Still enjoying them and haven't put them in a drawer or shoebox yet, Roberta. Thought that was a real cute picture of Wendy on the horse – looks like a real cowgirl! September will be a big month for her – starting school and celebrating her 5th birthday not to mention taking more dancing lessons. Glad to hear that DeeDee is there though sorry she wasn't able to come to Ohio in June.

Life sounds like a soap opera at Senior Village, Roberta between the dogs, the cooks and the problems of the residents there. Never a dull moment! Saw a picture of Oak Creek Canyon on Modern Maturity magazine which MV recognized. Do you get that magazine put out by the AARP? It comes out bi-monthly and we are thinking about subscribing to it for every issue has something of interest – think we first saw it in a Phoenix area library.

Looks like our next trip after Chicago will be to Lake Worth for Rob's and Cindy's wedding. Wish that we could all get together again especially since Joe will be there too in September. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Cris and Angela are engaged and planning to get married next June!

Aunt Virginia sounded real good on the phone yesterday – talked a few minutes and then she had a visitor come in so hung up. Anyone special, Virginia? You seemed anxious to get off the phone for him.

Mie Young, Mary Virginia let us read your letter. Glad you are having a busy and interesting summer in Korea. Kelly Grooms asked about you this A.M. at Church as the Army is sending him to Korea next January. Mrs. Kim sent us a good picture of you and M.V. and the ECHS graduation. The Liggetts told us that they are going to get you a congenial roommate at WC. We are looking forward to seeing you this next month, Mie Young.

The Bengals arrived in Wilmington this past week for their annual practice session. Friday night we went over to see the play "The Pirates of Penzance" – what an action play. We have been kidding M.V. about coming over to WC a couple times a week to see her. The girls school year starts September 12.

[With much love, etc.]

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