Sunday, August 19, 2012

1972 Postcard from Japan - Aug. 19

August 1972 found HH and Jean traveling to the Orient.  First stop was Toyko, Japan.
New Otani Hotel, Tokyo, Japan postcard from HH and Jean to Mrs. CJ Uible, Aug. 19, 1972

Sat. A.M.  [8/19/72]  Hi -
We made it & our home here is on the 11th floor.  We were ready for bed for it was 7A.M. Ohio time when we got here & 8 P.M. Japan time.  All the signs at the airport are in English plus ? ? ?.  Even a TV channel in English plus a radio station in English.  We are to have a 1/2 day tour this afternoon of the city – 11 million here & so far looks more inviting than NYC.  Lucky on the plane – had a spare seat – so could really stretch out – plane was very full – some 300 people.  Love, Jean & Harold

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