Friday, August 17, 2012

1992 postcards from John, Jean - August

August 1992 found John and Julie celebrating their 1st Anniversary and HH and Jean traveling to San Francisco with Bob and GG Walker.  Transcriptions follow each card.
Montague Inn, Saginaw Michigan postcard mailed 1992
Postcard of Montague Inn from John to Roberta, mailed Aug. 10, 1992
Dear Roberta,
Julie and I stayed her last night for our 1st Anniversary.  Very nice.  How are you and Sid doing?  We're excited about next March.  [Grand Canyon]  Do you have any info on the hike?  Give our best to the Morgans.  G'ma was doing well last weekend (8/1/92).  Love from your brother, John
Julius' Castle, San Francisco CA postcard mailed 1992 
Postcard to Wendy from Julius' Castle, San Francisco CA, mailed Aug. 11, 1992
Dearest Wendy,
Had a delicious meal here & the food was sooo good.  Have enjoyed S.F. and the time has gone by quickly.  GG & Bob Walker are good company.

It has been real warm here for SF and enjoyed Muir Woods and Sausalito.  Much love, G'Dad & G'ma U.

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