Monday, August 20, 2012

1972 Postcard from Japan - Aug. 20

Second day in Tokyo find HH & Jean traveling by subway to church and having a snack on the roof of a large dept. store.   I'm assuming this was their first trip to Japan.  Transcription follows.
Meiji Shrine Tokyo Japan postcard from HH and Jean to family, written Aug. 20, 1972.  
Captioned: Paying homage to shrines on New Year's Day is still widely observed by many people in Japan.

Sun. 8/20/72 - Hi -
Getting adjusted to the 13 hr. time difference.  We were here yesterday – went to Church (English protestant) this A.M. on the subway – every one is very helpful & polite.  We are now downtown on the roof of one of the large dept stores where they have a snack area.  All the big stores have an attraction on the roof.  Have had a breakfast buffet – juice, corn flakes, several fruits, bread, baked tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, eggs every way and several meats.  [Love, etc.]

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