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1982 Letter to family - August 22

Sunday evening – August 22, 1982

Dearest Family –

Happy Birthday Virginia [born 1914, so would be celebrating birthday #68] today - hope that the card arrived on time – we were glad to talk to you on the phone Friday morning and hope we get to chat again soon – thanks for mailing me.  I'll check with you soon.

Glad to talk to John, Serena and Roberta this week.  Hope that John and X enjoy their trip to New England including a visit to Hudson Guild Farm.  As the Morgans will tell you – I am so forgetful about anniversaries so didn't get a card to you in time but want you to know that w heave been thinking about that eventful day just three years ago – and wish you many joyous and happy-filled years together.  It was a surprise getting calls from Roberta and Serena - and a postcard from Serena besides!  Talked to Catherine just last week so feel like we've been in direct contact with all the family recently.  Wendy sounded so grown-up on the phone – hard to believe that she will be going to kindergarten this fall and really looking forward to it.

Had a letter from Mie Young this past week and she plans to come to Ohio Sept. 10th so will be running closes as college begins the 12th but hopefully she'll have enough time - it may be that someone will have to pick her up either in Columbus or Cincinnati or Dayton (and that is the same day that X and John are to come down here).  She is to call us from Los Angeles soon after she arrives (about Aug. 25th).

Mary Virginia offered to cat-sit for her friend Diane Roberts while her parents take her to college (School of the Ozarks this weekend).  So far MV's cats and "Butterscotch" have done nothing but hiss at each other.  So we have kept them separated.  Diana's cat isn't to be put outside for "she runs to the street" but luckily the couple of times I've had her out for some fresh air she come back intact.  Thought we might have to call the fire department last night when she ran up high in the tree but finally came down on her own.

Saw a little more of the Ohio State Fair Wednesday than we did last year – really enjoyed seeing and hearing the OSF Band and Youth Choir. – Vicky Butler is in the latter this year –  over 220 in it and would have like to see MV take part but perhaps it was best as it was her choice.  (That was two years ago – not this year so water long over the dam.)

Yesterday while dining at the Blue Drummer in Washington Court House - we were surprised to have Debbie Walvoord come up and introduce herself - brought back a lot of memories of Lakeside, etc.  She looked not much older than MV but has a lot of responsibilities - has been working at Republic Steel in Canton (now going to school studying mechanical engineering, was married (again) last February and has three stepsons 16, 11 and 5.  Said she retained her maiden name but her husband's name is Wood.  Her parents now live on Route 72 east of State Route 3 near Dehan Road.

Today was the Sunday School picnic at Gene Williams farm - it is really beautiful there and they are very willing that people make use of the facilities there – Kevin and a number did go fishing, even Mrs. Nellie Thornburg went for a canoe ride.

By the way, Catherine, we got the purses yesterday and she [Mrs. Thornburg] said she's be glad to fix the one more to your liking.  Said she'd really forgotten how the other(s) had been made.

Dad had Ernie McDaniel work on the "Bubble" last week and got some of those little things taken care of.  Ernie does seem reasonable and he should be with him being the only worker in his garage.  [Which garage would this be??]  We have 21,000 [miles] on the Chevette and had the tires switched.  We are keeping the Bubble in Grandma's garage.

Did do some gardening work yesterday and gathered at least five bushels of our apples.  It seems to be a record year.  Had a card from Dr. Hause that he is going to limit his practice to making dentures and extractions.

[Love, etc.]

This copy of the letter is on the back of a gently used page of letterhead of the Clinton County Republic Committees.  The following names are listed:

Central Committee
David Bailey, Chairman
James Martin, Vice Chairman
Roger Bennett, Secretary

Executive Committee
Frank K. Cunningham, Chairman
D.M. Fife, Vice Chairman
Harold H. Uible, Secretary-Treasurer
Eloise Waring, County Chairwoman

Committee Members
Ralph Cornelius
William McCarthy
Rita Carey
Joseph K. Abell
Bruce Buckley
Charles W. Lewis
Charlotte Nichols
Eleanor D. West
Frank K. Cunningham
Vernon Fox
Harold Carder
Charles Wilkinson
Max E. Hewitt
Thomas C. McMillan
Virgil Hodson
Hubert W. Peelle
Marvin Chamberlin
Eddie Ellis
Harold H. Uible
D. M. Fife
Harold Thornburg
Clarence Vallandingham
Carl K. Williams
Paul J. Andrew
Eugene W. Williams
Carlton Binkley
David B. Hannah
Garland N. Crawfold
Lou Radcliffe
Dorothy M. Clifton
Carrie Dun
Harold Carnahan
James Martin
Homer C. Wilson
Donald Stewart
Roger Bennett
David Bailey
Coral Bland
Burton Werner
Edwin Pyle
Harold Moore
Donald Lynch
Jean C. Riley
Victor S. Compton
Richard Snyder

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