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1992 Catherine's letter - Aug. 17

Catherine & Gerry busy with Best West and getting ready to host exchange student.
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[Written on the back of a 1991 Final Balance Sheet for Best West.]

August 17, 1992

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi! Just a quick note as I wanted to mail the business cards to you before I had a chance to lose them in a drawer! We have been trying to get our house more organized – especially with Mette about to arrive. We've had to find new places to put all of the "stuff" that was in her room. Gerry and I are pretty good at disposing of things we no longer need but Wendy hates to part with anything. Our garage is getting fuller!

Glad to hear that you had a good time in San Francisco. What is the destination of your next trip? Will you be able to come to Arizona this fall? We'll let you know as soon as we hear when Wendy's recital is going to be in case you will be able to be here for that.

I will also include a school calendar so you can see when the school holidays are. Wendy is very excited about the possibility of going to Washington D.C. I hope we will be ale to work something out. [A trip with the exchange students – Wendy did go.]

Wendy recently got another progress report from World Vision regarding the girl in Brazil. You must have made a lifetime donation toward their cause! Also, I've been meaning to ask you about the Inc. magazine. Gerry reads it regularly. Shall I renew it for him???

As usual we have been very busy. Best West is applying for a business license to sell R.V.'s which is a much more complicated procedure than the current business license was. Much paperwork is required. Sometimes I feel like a juggler trying to keep up with everything that needs done. Gerry has been doing quite a bit of the bookkeeping work at home. Fortunately neither one of us gets overly stressed! And somehow everything does tend to get done.

Roberta and Sid have been very busy with Sally and Andy here. Wendy has been spending some time over there. Today Roberta is taking a whole troop of kids tubing on the Salt River.

Well, I better get back to emptying dresser drawers and boxing up stuffed animals! Write when you can. We think of you often. Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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