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1982 Letter to family - August 15

Sunday evening –
August 15, 1982

Dearest Family –

One more week before school begins here in New Vienna and I hate to see summer end but Dad says – next summer won't come til we get another school year in sooooo guess I'll have to see it start.  Several of the family will be going to school this fall – Roberta starts again on Aug. 23 taking biology and algebra, Serena starts her para-legal program and Wendy goes to kindergarten after Labor Day.  She also resumes her dancing classes and her birthday falls in Sept. we so it is an exciting month for her.

Talked to Aunt Virginia several times last week on the phone – she has a birthday coming up this coming Sunday.  She sounds real good, wish that she could live in an apartment outside the nursing home similar to Roberta's Senior Village; guess that isn't really an apartment but similar type housing – on her own.

Dad went to the fair a couple days this past week and the three of us went over for the square dancing Friday evening.  Several people seemed interested in taking lessons (we passed out flyers about the classes starting in September.)  Janet Terrell Achor and her husband really have enjoyed it – they began last year as did the Roger Leslies (she is Gene Drake's daughter that was married to Ron Ballinger).

Yesterday Dad and I went sailing – it was much better weather for it than the last time we went – no wind at all then.  We both got a little sunburn.  Came home and attacked the weeds in the garden and then Dad spread cotton seed meal on the garden – especially the strawberries.  The Compost bin that the Thompson's (Rev. and Mrs.) made for us is really overflowing.  We should have a good garden next year if it decomposes as it should.  (Dad just brought in two lovely quarts of raspberries which he just picked (8:30pm).

Drove down to Lake White for lunch today – food was very good but Grandma had trouble enjoying it for had so many curves on way down.  She has been sick at her stomach ever since so just called to say she was going to bed early.  We couldn't remember how long it had been since we were last there to eat but remember that Joe and Melissa were with us as well as the Hortons and they took Uncle Bill back to Cincinnati to catch a plane – almost missed it.  Must have been around 1966-70?  Can anyone remember the time?  While in Waverly we went by the home of the Maulers (remember him from Mexico City Lions Club convention, John), but no one was at home.

As you might guess Dad had a pass to the County Fair (which is also good for the county fairs (one is enough for us to go to) and the Ohio State Fair as well.  Like every group in the County, the Fair Board is always wanting the Commissioners to appropriate more money in their area.

Thursday evening we road our bikes out to Don & Barbara Isaacs, a couple who live at the edge of town and have been coming to our Church, who have gone overboard on starting an apple orchard.  They put out over 200 trees this Spring and have 300 plus ordered for next Spring.  Mrs. "I" used to work in the Trust Dept. in the Wilmington Bank.  We were amazed how knowledgeable they seemed to be about Apples.  He works in Dayton in a factory job and hopes that the orchard business will develop into a livelihood for them.  [Is there still an orchard?]

This past week has been bedlam at the office as Phyllis took a week of vacation and GG was off with back trouble ... things are bound to be better this next week.

[Love to all, etc....]

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

I remember well the folks from the Lions Club convention in Mexico; Mulder (sp?) was their name. Kind of odd but very nice....he was a dentist as I recall. The Isaacs attempt to start an orchard but I'm pretty certain they no longer live there and the orchard only lasted a short time---possibly much more work than they anticipated?

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