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1975 Roberta's Letter - Jan. 19

January 19, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Just wrote Vanessa a letter – so thought I would write you all too while I have my pad out!  She had sent me a letter saying I owed her 3 letters!  I guess she has a little bit more time on her hands than I do!

Statistics is really giving me a run for my money.  Besides the political science course I had last quarter – this is the most challenging course I've had in my entire college career!  Right now we are deep into probability  We went from whats the chance of picking an ace, etc. from a deck of cards into this really complicated stuff like:
  • Four gift wrappers are employed in a large dept. store at Christmas time.  Betty, who wraps 30% of all packages, fails to remove the price tag 1 time in 50.
  • Jean, who also wraps 30% of all packages, fails to remove the price tag 1 time in 40.
  • Pat who wraps 20% of all packages, fails to remove the price tag 1 time in 10.
  • And Rose, who also wraps 20% of the packages, fails to remove the price tag 1 time in 20.  
If a customer complains later that the price tag was not removed before a toy was wrapped, what is the probability that
  1. the toy was wrapped by Betty
  2. the toy was wrapped by Pat or Rose
Now – just try to imagine to yourself – someone who had trouble w/ 9th grade algebra taking this!?  If I were typing (and I don't know why I'm not) I would include some of the other type of problems we have to do!

I told you about getting stuck w/ that one bad check – well I got stuck w/ another one!  Except that one is of one of my girl-friends – and hopefully it was just a "book-keeping" mistake.  

Lois – the cook at Ranch House that wrote all these bad checks – well the police are after her.  Did I tell you that she took all these Avon orders – w everyone paying her in advance – and she didn't ever sell Avon!  The Avon people had never heard of her.  She owes the bank for a loan on a car, she owes the land lord 2 months rent, and so many other people & businesses!  But to talk to the woman – you wouldn't have met a nicer sweeter person.  People can sure fool you!

Tomorrow is Serena's birthday – I'm going to have to send her a belated card.  How does she like school this quarter?  I'm glad she made the Deans List – I bet she went back to school full of zest!

Did I tell you that Vanessa is taking 2 courses at the vocational school – typing and a course in computers.  She says her days of working as a "laborer" are over!  

Rob seems to like it at the junior college.  Besides a basic math course he is taking all music courses this time.  He comes home between all his classes – weather [sic] he has a 20 minute break or a 2-hour break!  It's a good thing the school is close!

After I supposedly cut my hours at work I still got in 38 hours last week.  But w/ my tutor & inflation & all I need the $.  I'm trying to save some for my vacation coming up. (after I graduate)

Right now I'm beginning to realize what a good deal I have because I get 2.25 straight pay – then I get 75¢ an hour out of the drawer – called "contract labor" that the gov't doesn't get to know about.  Also it keeps our payroll down too.  I guess all the stores use this type of deal.  George – the district manager knows I can "chop the wood."  He told me I could get the employees to do more than the manager could – and then they still don't be [sic] mad at me.

I think I'd like to manage a business while I'm young – so when I get old I can sit back & laugh about it.  I'm very thankful I got the job at Ranch House – it has taught me alot about running a business – I've seen people get mad & walk out – I'm referring to employees.  I've learned I can handle a situation under fire. (heat)   I've also had to deal w/ dishonest people – customers & employees both which I find very upsetting.  Well – enough!

I've got to study –– Hope you all stay warm –

Love, Bert

Answer to problem:
  1. 12/87
  2. 60/87  (my calculator is a real life saver)
PS Please send picture of Catherine & X house – also any pictures you all too over Christmas – ok?

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Mary Crowson said...

Roberta, I will take church politics and funerals any day over managing a business!

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