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1975 Roberta's Letter - Feb. 3

February 3, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Well, you all might be hearing from me more now because I worked my last day at Ranch House yesterday.  After flunking (I Think) my statistics tests I decided I had better.

The theory test -- on Wednesday night was by far the hardest.  There were 25 multiple choice questions, each question having 6, 7 or 8 choices.  I had never seen anything like it!!  First it gave you four different choices,then you could pick "all of the above"; "A and C of the above"; "none of the above".  then Thursday night was the homework part of it.  There were 20 problems and I was on the tenth one when the time was up.  (2 hours)  The graduate student who is in charge of the Thursday night classes graded the test afterward.  I got seven right -- out of twenty.  He said that was about average -- but I don't know about that.  If they took the math majors our of there the rest of us would have a chance.  The grades are to be posted tomorrow (the only day I don't have classes at F.A.U. -- so I told Grandma that maybe we would take a trip South -- to get the results.)

I told the manager on Friday that I wanted to quit, with Sunday being my last day.  That still really gave him more than a weeks notice because I (supposedly) would not have worked again till this Saturday.  The district manager was in on Friday and I told him I was quitting and he was very nice, shook my hand told me the best of luck, etc.  He also told me that he was going to be district manager of the stores in Broward County starting next month and to look him up when I was through with school.  This really surprised me that he was moving further South.  It is a secret to everyone thought that he is leaving.

Yesterday the manager stopped in and I told him I wanted to give him all my keys.  He said just to keep them.  I (kiddingly) asked him if they had made plans to change all the locks or what.  Then he wanted to know if I would work next Friday and Saturday if they couldn't find anyone; I started to say yes; then I told him I was sorry, but I had already made plans.  I turned in the keys.  Oh, on Friday when I said I was quitting, they all said that anytime I wanted back on, they would make room for me.  I hated to quit with these hard times we are having; also I really liked working there.  I learned alot from the job; which I hope someday to put into practice on my own.

Since going back to weight watchers I have only lost 3 pounds.  That is in a period of 4 or 5 weeks.  Now, that I might have more time I hope to start going to the beach, and I imagine the exercise will do me good.  The big problem is that all my clothes are tight.  I read an article the other day about women taking the kind of pills I'm taking and all the side effects.  One of the bad ones was gaining weight; from a few pounds up to twenty.  I'm afraid I'm one of the ones that got hit hard.  As I've really been super weight watchers; but not much luck.  Oh well, I'm not going to give up that easily.

I could not believe Catherine and X's house.  I don't know what I thought it would look life, but gee, it is really nice.  I will have to get up to see them this coming year.  Oh, I talked to some people yesterday from Three Rivers; they thought they knew X -- but they weren't real sure.  If he was ever in 4-H they knew they knew him.  They also had a daughter who went to K college in 1970 and 1971.  I also met a woman yesterday who told me she was 74 years old and she had a newspaper route of 450 customers.  She said she has two young boys helping her, but she could outdo them.  She delivers mostly to condominums. (spelling)  She was in the restaurant about 8:30, said she had done her days work.  Told me she gets up at 3:00 on Sundays.

Well, I've been trying to beat the mailman . . . . . he will be here very shortly so got to close.

Love, Roberta

[hand written at bottom] These Ranch House dinner specials are just in Broward and Dade county.  Palm Beach County turned the idea down.  More details about it later.  G'ma sees the mailman coming!

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