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1975 Roberta's letter -Jan.3 & Restaurant Inventory

January 3, 1975
Dear Family,

Hello, and a Happy New Year to all of You!!!!  I didn't start the New Year out with much vigor this year.  After not being able to get four days off together from work to come home on . . . . . I manage to come down sick at work on Monday and haven't been back yet!!!!  I guess I've just had a cold and couldn't throw it off!!!!

Tuesday I had a high fever (almost 103) so Aunt Mary called and got me in to see Doctor Turk.  He charged me 15.00 just for an office call; I thought that was a bit high . . . . . even in these days of high inflation!!!  But he gave me some prescriptions, which I guess have helped some.  Depending on how I feel tomorrow I hope to go back to work . . . . . just for a half day tomorrow and then a full day on Sunday.  I'm going to tell my manager that he should have left me off to come home since I messed around and worked so hard that I had to miss work anyway.  Someone from Ranch House has called here every day since Monday . . . . . I'm beginning to wonder if they had their doubts whether I was sick or if I had made reservations to go home.

We got another welcomed tape today.  I've been teaching G'ma how to use my tape cassette.  It was especially interesting to hear the new Doctor and his wife.  I could have used him this past week.  By the way, how much does he charge for an office call?  I wish I could have seen (or better yet tasted-ha) the gingerbread house.  What did you all do New Years Eve?  Did you go out to Hughes?

OH, I spent all my Christmas money . . . . . well, almost all of it, all at one time too.  I sent Rob into Sears yesterday to buy a calculator for me . . . . . they had them advertised in the paper yesterday morning.  I guess I had told you all that I had to have one for statistics.  Either that or I could rent one from the school for 25.00 a month and for 3 months that would cost me 75.00 . . . . . so instead I bought one for 72.80. (that's tax and all)  It's a Sears model 10M ----- if you are ever at Sears or something.  It does all the basics, plus has a memory and also does square roots, percents, reciprocal, automatic constant, automatic squaring, and change sign.  (I just took all of that from the insturcution manuel [sic]) It has a guarantee for one year.  The battery is rechargable [sic], it's (the calculator) really small.  Only weights [sic] 9 ounces.  I thought it to be a good investment.  Mary Virginia, tell me about your calculator?????  Also about your digitial [sic] clock . . . . or rather watch??

Yesterday my girlfriend stopped with a New Years present for me . . . . . my statistics book that I'll be using this coming quarter.  It's a good thing I had planned to hire a tutor.  I have been going through the book some, alot of it is sorta like Algebra, but then other parts of it . . . . . its like it's written in a language completely unbeknown to me.

I'm happy Serena got such good grages [sic] last quarter (?)  I'll have to write her and congratuate [sic]  her.  (I know I misspelled congrulate [sic]  The house must be getting quieter with everyone going back to school etc.  Of course John still has some vacation time left.  What is he doing with himself now?  John, did you hear that I got a 'c' in my political science course, and I struggled for that.  I could never be a lawyer.  The law really confused me.  I never knew it could be so complicated.

Our business down at work is really picking up.  I'm only going to be working two days a week now . . . . . Saturday and Sunday.  I'm going to miss not working more (also the money) . . . . . but I'm taking eighteen hours this quarter and I knew I couldn't handle anymore than that.  Monday when I made up the bank deposit we had 450.00 dollars worth of travellers [sic] checks!!!!!  Of course alot of those were 20.00's and a few 50.00's so they add up quick; but that is lots more than what we've been used to having.  They had had big days down there all week.  Tonight is inventory night.  It's the first time I haven't helped with it for a LONG time!!!  Oh, I found an old inventory the other day, I might send it to you all (if I can find it) . . . . . you might find it interesting.  [Inventory is partially scanned below.]

Am running out of space . . . . . also getting late.

Love, Berta

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