Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter -Dec.15


Hi –

We just returned from a great weekend – now to get this out before the mail-person comes!

Had a gook bike ride on Saturday – over 1,000 rode – I came in #208 – that is misleading tho – as that doesn't count the ones that got the gold award – the 23 miles in less than 70 minutes!  I did the 23 miles in apx 1 hour, 50 minutes & there were lots of hills, 1200 foot elevation gain! (worst 'hill')

Then Sunday we went on a hike in Superstitions –– lovely both days – mid 70's & sunny.  My nose got semi-burnt.

Saturday afternoon we rang the bells for Salvation Army in East Mesa – Sid's NARFE group had the day for the bell-ringing.  I made a point to say Hi to all who passed by & most donated.  I admire Mary Virginia for having done it for the 'season' – even if she did get paid for it.

Talked briefly to Hortons on Saturday & got the good news on Aunt Mary.

I'm (we) are home now for awhile – I've been gone alot past few weeks – between Conf on Aging, San Diego, & 2 trailer outings.  Not bad for someone who works full time. (and didn't use vacation time)  This last weekend left Friday at 12:30 pm after lunch & returned at 11:00 AM Monday.

Thanks for recent letter & clippings.

Love, RUK

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