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1976 Roberta's Letter -Dec.25

12/25/76 [??]

Dear Family,

Hi!  John is outside trying to soak up some of the sun's rays . . . . . so thought now a good time to stay inside and get something in the mail to you all.  It's 4:00 and I just told the office girl she could go home, and I'll watch the phone.  The office will be closed now till Monday, which means I won't get any messages taken for me, unless I'm here, because Janice the other girl that lives here left this morning for Santa Barbara.

Did I mention earlier they said it would be fine for John to stay here.  He did stay at Catherine's last night, Debbie [Gerry's sister] won't be getting here till tomorrow.  Thanks for everything you sent out.  The pecans, granola, and clothes.  And of course whatever is in the packages is greatly appreciated too, anxiously awaiting the 25th!!  I wish I had been more on the ball and then you all too could be opening up something from me on Christmas.

This morning John and I went shopping.  He found the book on politics that he wanted.  And we got some small things.  We've been busy talking about life on the farm and the possibilities of this coming summer.  I would very much like to go back, and would except that I hate to lose my room at the YWCA.  I wouldn't mind paying the rent, but I really feel like they want someone to be here, so I'm going to work on the idea of finding someone suitable to stay here.  I thought about Serena, would you be at all interested????  I'm very close to the San Diego State University.  Or maybe you would rather work, which if that is the case, I might be able to help arrange a job.  Let me know if you would like to spend a rent-free summer in San Diego.  I'll pay the rent in advance -- I just want someone to stay here so I can have the room next fall.

It's been cool here, but John talks about going to the beach.  He wanted to see the Bruces, so called them up yesterday and plan to go there next Monday afternoon.  I don't plan to work until January 3rd --- when I have oddles [sic] of deliveries to make.  Maybe 70 sets of pans, and about 15.00 worth of Watkins . . . . as a Watkins sales person I'm a failure . . . . you can tell what I push.  Actually I imagine alot of these pan orders will not be completed deliveries on the 3rd . . . . . I have an envelope I mark . . . . . push or cancel.

I hope you understood that the pans are from Grandma.  She sent me the money to send both you and Aunt Mary a set.  The samples I take credit for, but not the pans.  The degreaser is good . . . . and super concentrated . . . . at least that is what everybody said.

John is busy sending out cards . . . . Catherine said last night he fell asleep on top of the couch, with his clothes on, and said this morning at 7:30 he was in the same position.  Imagine he would have been tired.

The box came today from UPS -- thanks, thanks, thanks, . . . . I wish you all could meet the Speyers . . . . such nice people.  Pauline is always telling me that that she has enough food storage for me and my family . . . . but then Fred is always telling me that I should start my own too . . . . just one year of everything and enough of the basics for two years. Instead I spend my money on a new television set!!!!

We ought to be going over to the Morgans.  Mary Virginia, thanks again for the towel and letter.  I haven't heard anything from Marion lately but then there is a good reason for that . . . . I haven't written.


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