Friday, December 16, 2016

1966 MUH Letter -December

[unknown day, December 1966]


Wish you could spend Xmas with us!  We'll be thinking about you anyway.  I plan to give the folks the phone and one of the church poinsettas from church and will put ALL OUR NAMES on it.  The Hortons are getting more realistic every year about Xmas giving . . . or would you say materialistic???  Mares already has hers (a dress) because she wanted it to wear for Christmas parties before the great day, and the rest pretty much know what to expect for they have already put in requests far ahead . . . . we need some little folk in this household like MV to keep the 'Santa' spirit alive!  Ho! Ho!

We're taking Mom and Dad to the Lions Xmas party for the blind next week.  I think they will enjoy that.  Mother will be going to the Glee Club show but I can't talk Dad into it . . . . "The seats are TOO hard."  You know him.  Well, why not take a cushion then, if that is the alibi.????  There will be two choir concerts at church coming up . . . youth and adult contata.  I imagine Mother will go to both.  This PM is the children's Xmas party at church.  Next week will be Highland's.  They gave their musical program last week.  And Serena, only the 4th, 5th and 6th grade performed.  OUTDOORS . . . . and you might know, it only rained just long enough to scurry every one indoors for the last two numbers.  They have a colored teacher this year and the singing was exceptionally good.  Three part harmony and rounds.

Catherine, I wish Mares had your brains or application or whatever it takes! [Mares had and has plenty of what it takes to be the best, just not in that particular case.]  With her test scores she'll be lucky to get into ANY college.  Just heard from Fla. State and she didn't apply early enough; her test scores were not high enough to be on a preferable list in Sept. and she did not apply EARLY enough,  Admitted Jan. '68.  So maybe  Fla. Southern!

Should I wish you SNOW for Xmas??? Happy '67.  Love, Mary & all

Thanks again for all nice things you do for Joe!

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